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Dang, I messed up my chance to buy something! (LONG)

This is a discussion on Dang, I messed up my chance to buy something! (LONG) within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Anubis This was actually an OC situation, unrelated to CC; maybe it should have been written in the OC subforum so all ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
    This was actually an OC situation, unrelated to CC; maybe it should have been written in the OC subforum so all the implicitly anti-OC comments could have been avoided. If one is accustomed to OCing in public, then of course he or she will answer the door OCing as usual.

    [I did read post #1, particularly "answer the door with my Weapon in plain view". He may be waiting on a CC permit, but it's still an OC situation.]
    ------------------- The OP's post --------------------------

    "I find this kinda funny, it's the first time i have been able to do this so i had a ball!!

    Well i get home today and was watching the tube and LO and BEHOLD there is a knock at my door, i wasn't expecting anyone as the wife was doing homework with the kiddos so i peek out the window and see this mid 20's kid standing at my front door with a bag and piece of paper. Well since i still have 30 days left to recieve my CWP as i always do as soon as i get home i put on my Pistol OWB. And usually wear it until bedtime. (Trying to get use to wearing before the big day arrives).
    Anyhow i look at my wife and asked "should i answer the door with my Weapon in plain view?" LOL she says nahhhh but i couldn't resist!! so i swing the door open and asked if i could i help him.
    He said hello sir i hate to bother you but we was out trying to sell thisssss cc cc cc cccleaner uhhh ahem sir are you a police officer? i had to hold back laughing but i let him go through his deal which was VERY short and the poor guy couldn't even hardly keep his eyes off my weapon!! i was dying laughing inside.. Anyhow when i told him i wasn't interested he didn't even try to throw out that DEAL OF A LIFETIME!! he just said "yessirr i didn't mean to bother you" and BTW that's a nice piece you have there! i said thanks and then as he was walking off he said Don't hurt nobody with that! i said no worries the only way someone is gonna get hurt by this gun is if they try something STUPID.. he was trying to agree as he seemed like he was trying to get outta my yard As fast as possible!!

    Anyway sorry for the long post but i had to share what happened just about a hour ago... TWAS FUN!!! LOL"


    Anubis, I have nothing against concealed carry or open carry but I think the OP was telling us how much he enjoyed freightening a person by showing his gun.....Read the bold in the OP post... Some of us take exception to that kind of thinking. .... in my humble opinion..

    Be Alert and Stay Safe


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    Quote Originally Posted by Pikachu711 View Post
    This reminds me of the time I lived with my parents when I first moved to Vegas in 1985. I lived with them until I found an apartment of my own. My Mom was not happy at hearing that I had been hired as an ARMED security officer. Mom is VERY anti-gun! She believes that the military & police are the only people should have guns.

    When I brought my .38 revolver into the house for the first time my Mom couldn't keep her eyes off it. She wasn't quite angry at me but insisted I keep it under lock & key. She did not want that gun in HER house! Period! She had to leave the room as she was getting upset at me & my gun.

    The way she kept staring at it would have made you think that it was something that was evil or something. I found an apartment of my own two weeks later. Mom was thrilled that "IT" was out of her house! My gun was either that "thing" or "it". LOL
    Did you ever get to the route of why she hated it so much? She may have had a bad experience involving a gun at one point in her life, much the same as some people are scared to death of dogs no matter how friendly the dog is.

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