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This is a discussion on Hearing Protection within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Charlie8D Yep, " Acoustic trauma " was my diagnosis. The V.A. asked me why I didn't wear ear plugs in Vietnam. I ...

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Thread: Hearing Protection

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie8D View Post
    Yep, " Acoustic trauma " was my diagnosis. The V.A. asked me why I didn't wear ear plugs in Vietnam. I told them it was hard to stop in the middle of a firefight, to look for them ! None of us had any, or were issued any.
    I was accepted and have entered a study at Washington University School of Medicine, Center for Advanced Medicine here in St. Louis.

    This hospital is one of the best in the country and is leading the way for Tinnitus research. They actually care and are very aware of the problem.

    So far I have been subjected to at least 3 great doctors, MD, PHD's Otolaryngology and Neuro-Ophthalmology and have had host of no less than 10 other residents examine me.

    This study is in progress. I don't expect them to publish a medical paper soon but they did discover some weird eye movement that I was not aware of. I said what the heck does the have to do with my hearing? They were so fascinated with my condition however that they video taped my eye movements for over an hour and then sent the tapes to several other collages at UCLA, Vanderbilt, Johns Hopkins, etc.

    I have been prescribed a couple different drugs so far. One works a bit, the other makes me feel whacked out all day. They said there are other medications they might try.
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    While I can't ever remember not using hearing protection, I have a moderately severe hearing loss, falling discrimination scores, serious permanent tinnitus and I'm not even 40 yet. To understand someone I have to see them speak ad sometimes that doesn't help. Crowds, restaurants, heck even family reunions are hard. I can't really go to movies as i can't understand half or more what is being said. I have to wait for the movie to come out on disc and use the subtitles.

    Losing your hearing sucks beyond belief.
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    The ringing in my ears is constant. Right ear has a more shrill tone than left. VA has tried to help, but not that much offered. If I wear hearing aids, which I do a lot, it helps. No medication has helped at all. I also, use a fan at night, or a radio turned off a station with just the " hissing sound " to listen to, to help me sleep.
    One audiologist I saw said that there are extreme cases where even she can hear the tinnitus coming from a patient's ears. Thank God mine is that bad !!!
    Wear protection !

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    I'm feeling good about mine, it started with a sinus infection back in November 2009, both ears, left cleared up, right ear never did, they don't related that to anything, one doctor said, coincedence, I don't believe that horse manure, so I'm seeing a 2nd one for that 2nd opinion and if he tells me the same thing, then fine, I'll learn to live with it.

    It's 50% ringing and 50% hissing/static/cricket type sound, so I guess I feel lucky compared to what I'm reading here, I sleep just fine, T.V. has always been on at night anyways, so that's just natural for me and the wife, I can't sleep without it on now LOL.

    Definitely wear protections folks, I still can hear out of that ear, pretty good actually, it's just my higher frequency hearing has gone down and they said the higher frequency hearing loss is what causes the ringing. I can still hear good though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Harryball View Post
    Ear protection is as important and Eye protection....DONT FORGET ABOUT YOUR EYES GUYS AND GALS
    I agree with this 100-percent! I need a new set of muffs, (ok, maybe a girlfriend too) but the NRR-35 muffs they have at my local gun shop is what I'll buy.

    After 30-years in Armor (tanks) I have clearly lost some hearing. Even though I was obsessed with hearing protection, there were occasional mistakes made when we thought the range was clear and then some ass lights-off a 105 or greater. Heck, I even use muffs while vacuuming the house or using any power tools.
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    I think I damaged my hearing somewhat when hunting with a handgun without using ear protection. I have a hissing or ringing noise in both ears and a loss of high frequency sound. Working around jet fighters also contributed to some of the loss. It would be great if the doctors could reverse the loss.

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    Does this help if I hear voices ??
    Quote Originally Posted by rottkeeper View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by jualdeaux View Post
    While I can't ever remember not using hearing protection, I have a moderately severe hearing loss, falling discrimination scores, serious permanent tinnitus and I'm not even 40 yet. To understand someone I have to see them speak ad sometimes that doesn't help. Crowds, restaurants, heck even family reunions are hard. I can't really go to movies as i can't understand half or more what is being said. I have to wait for the movie to come out on disc and use the subtitles.

    Losing your hearing sucks beyond belief.
    I'm 41 and I've had it since my mid 30s. A severe sinus infection and ear infection in both ears to the point that both ears were completely closed and I could hardly hear anything. Been ringing ever since. I'm very prone to ear infections. If I get a cold I have to sleep in a chair sitting up or the ears get it bad.
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    Thumbs down

    Quote Originally Posted by SIGP250 View Post
    Only one round going off without proper protection can lead to permanent hearing loss.

    Nerve loss can not be helped by hearing aids. You will loose hearing clarity that your can not regain.

    When shooting, take care to protect yourself to the maximum extent possible.

    I use combat ear screws NRR 22-24 in combination with a good quality muff of at least NRR 26.

    If you use the cheap $13.00 muffs rented at a range, your ears can easily be permanently damaged with just one round going off to close to you.
    Check the decibal ratings -- I have had $13.00 muffs that had a higher decibil filer rating than those costing much more (and at the rating you suggest). The cheap ones may not as pretty, but if properly selected will be just as effective.

    As to me, I use good electronic muffs (to allow for interim conversation). However, they do not suppress any more than my cheaper ones.

    When we were in Vietnam shooting 175mm cannons (range over 20 miles), most guys had no shooting muffs. Instead we used cigarette butts. A lot of guys suffered from diminished hearing for a time after being around the big guns and from being exposed to incoming artillery from across the DMZ.

    Fortunately for most of us, our hearing eventually recovered.
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    To all the service people that have sacrificed their hearing, I send appreciative thanks and wishes that their conditions will get better, or at least not worst.
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    I use double protection. Ear plugs with some very nice muffs over top of those. I have very good hearing and I want to keep it that way. I even wear ear protection when I mow the grass.
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    I use standard foam inserts with a 32db rating. I will often use shells over that but not always. I was also in a heavy metal band for years playing in 120-130db sound levels for hours on end, my head a foot away from crash cymbals and my 1000 watt 8x10 bass cabinet with NO protection at all. Yeah, I was a moron.

    I have somehow defied the odds and at 34, don't have hardly any of the hearing loss that occurs to most people when they get past 25 years old. I have no tinnitus either which I am incredibly thankful for.

    I can hear frequencies up to about 20k and the usual cutoff point for my age is about 15k. The upper limit of exceptional hearing is about 22k. None of my friends in my age bracket or older can hear the "Mosquito" alarm and trust me, it is annoying. Another downside of this is that I can hear a muted TV (CRT) if turned on somewhere in the house I'm in. Drives me nuts. I do not know how I have gotten this lucky.

    Now the stage volumes listed earlier, yes that is pretty loud, but rifle rounds being fired start at about 160db and go up from there not to mention the compression waves.

    I wish my eyes were holding up as well as my ears. Definitely wearing safety glasses too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIGP250 View Post
    You might want to read the state gun laws of Virginia.
    Section 18.2-308.6 Possession of unregistered firearms mufflers or silencers prohibited:

    It seems that they are not totally illegal in Virginia but must be registered in the National Firearms and and Transfer Record. Otherwise it is a class 6 felony. I am not sure what registering entails in your state. They are illegal here.
    I know suppressors have to be registered and a tax paid, but they're still readily available to law abiding gun owners. I would like to see suppressors become a standard design feature of all light arms, for safety reasons. I don't understand why they're so highly controlled.

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    I posted about reading an article on managing the tinnitus.

    Basically it said that you must "retrain" your mind by concentrating on other sounds that are pleasing. It seemed to me to be a Zen form of thing. So, I tried and it does seem to help. Not the cure, but at least I have begun to manage it.

    It takes time, I have been doing it for about 2 years now and I think it works for me. Mine isn't as severe as others so perhaps it will work better for the less severe tinnitus. I don't know, not a doctor, but I did try this and it does work for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimtem View Post
    I use this combo. Do you think its good enough. 4$ ear plugs with 10$ muffs. Both off ebay.
    I don't use the ear muff set up...don't care for them...all the bulk around my head....especially when shooting rifles.

    I just use the plugs. Roll'em up tight, pull up and back on the top of my ear, and slide'em in. Feels neat when they expand to conform to the ear.

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