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This is a discussion on Hearing Protection within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'll be 63 in May. After years of working around machinery and flying my own plane, I had a pretty good hearing loss and bought ...

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Thread: Hearing Protection

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    I'll be 63 in May. After years of working around machinery and flying my own plane, I had a pretty good hearing loss and bought my first pair of hearing aids 9 years ago. I just bought new aids a few months ago (vastly superior to my previous aids) and they work very well (but nothing replaces natural hearing). I've always worn hearing protection when shooting except when hunting so those times I shot unprotected sure added to the problem.

    I bought the Pro Ears Dimension Plus for those times I need to hear the buzzer and range commands along with my new hearing aids that are programed for shooting. When practicing, I use some low cost "Silencio" ear muffs and foam ear plugs. Interestingly, the cheap pair of muffs do a better job of sound suppression than the ProEars (based on the loudness of a timer buzzer when comparing the two.) I was kind of surprised about that.

    Anything you spend on hearing protection devices is a darned sight cheaper than hearing aids.

    For anyone who might be thinking about hearing aids, the last pair I bought was from AmericaHears. America Hears:: Direct From The Manufacturer Digital Hearing Instruments As we have few audiologists in my area and due to a bad experience with the outfit I bought my first aids from, I decided to give these folks a try. I couldn't be more pleased. Prices are considerably cheaper than purchasing from an audio and I'm tickled with the hearings aids I bought from them and very pleased with their excellent service. If anyone has any questions please feel free to shoot me a pm.

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    Huh, what? I've got some pretty good tinnitus from shooting in my younger years with no protection. I gotta think every single military vet has some hearing problems, no?

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    I have some buddies that now wear hearing aids now, and they are in their 20's just from going on combat patrols and not having hearing protection. And to a point you cant really blame them, cause when your ot the wire, you want to hear everything so hearing protection is not that important. I know when I went on patrols I always had ear protection, in my pocket under all my gear, and it wasn't soomething I was too worried about.

    I also have ear problems, whenever I hear loud noises, my hearing almost fluctuates or flutters, it's very hard to explain.
    Now when I shoot I wear my Peltor electronic Tactical Muffs and maybe some plugs also.
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    And to a point you cant really blame them, cause when your ot the wire, you want to hear everything so hearing protection is not that important.

    Same at the steel plant when I was a steel worker years ago.
    We worked with air hammers cutting slag, melted and now hardened pools of metal impurities, air hammered out in closed pits, sound so loud it was no longer sound but pressure inside ear canal. It hurt. We had ear-protection, but we had to hear warning sirens and air horns, all other furnace pits were working and huge red hot steel ingots, tons in weight per ingot, were held by crane teeth moving over our heads to be placed in the working pits around us. AT that time when you heard the warnings, you got out fast or you got burned to a crispy. So, only a fool wore ear protection.

    Later, on return from a layoff and new company physical, the company nurse said after my hearing test, results showed significant hearing loss in one ear from my first test before i began working. I said, "No surprise, I work in pits with air hammers". She said: "O No, I don't think it's THAT, it's probably because you go to a lot of loud rock concerts"

    Right........... gotta love the company medical team... Too bad I was too young and stupid to look into disability - workman comp stuff. But anyway....... bad hearing in one ear all my life.

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    One thing ever shooter should understand is that you cannot mimic 'deafness' and real hearing loss is like "blindness", a potentially disabling loss. I've an associate that used the old 'case in the ear' sound proofing and he's deaf, nerve conductivity loss. Has to use $600 hearing aids "and" still it is far from perfect. I've shot since age 12 and 'always' used some sort of protection. I now use two forms, the inserts for the ear and high NRR rated muffs, electronic. About three years ago, not listening and being dumb, I failed to hear the "ears" command and a .308 went off about 6' from my position. I couldn't hear from that ear correctly for nearly 1 hour. Was eye opening and not anything I'd want to experience on a permanent basis.

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    I always wear ear protection.

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    I have damaged hearing. Didn't want it for the youngins.

    When the boys were coming up, I always modeled hearing protection behavior. We kept rafts of foam ear plugs around the house and vehicles. I routinely put them in my(and their) ears when mowing, brush cutting, bush hogging, sawing, hammering, fireworks etc. Muffs for shooting. Not surprisingly, they both take care of their ears today. I noticed on a visit to my older son's house he plugged up when mowing his yard with a real quiet walk behind. The younger one keeps a set of muffs on the mower at my mom's house and uses plugs for the electric chainsaw. Start them young and hopefully the habit will form.

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