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This is a discussion on Getting old within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I find I shoot better and get the front sight in better focus when I take my glasses off. They're only for distance, and I ...

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Thread: Getting old

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    I find I shoot better and get the front sight in better focus when I take my glasses off. They're only for distance, and I have to take them off for anything upp close, eating, reading, etc. At 58! Either way, I still consistantly hit a paper plate at 15 yards.
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    Well, since you did put this post into Defensive Carry Discussions/Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions I can assume that you are concerned about a deterioration of your keen eyesight as it relates to carrying your firearm for self-defensive purposes?

    The reason that I ask is that nearly all of shooting for self-defense is in almost no way related to traditional Paper Target, Bullseye-Shooting...or the "X" Ring.

    Of Course the extreme basic firearm skills that are learned just from "going out" and shooting/handling a firearm (in general) are quite initially important/valuable but, that is about where the relationship ends.

    Click and watch this Video (Link Provided Below) by my bud Jim Grover AKA Kelly McCann and do make it through the beginning GP disclaimer because it quickly becomes increasingly much more down-home reality based and real.

    Here ya go...Watch it! ~~~> YouTube - Combative Pistol

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    I just got an LCR w/CT and it is a big help for these tired eyes, but long before I got the LCR I taught myself to "point shoot" for "combat accuracy" and with very satisfying results. A skill that will serve you well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by QKShooter View Post

    Here ya go...Watch it! ~~~> YouTube - Combative Pistol
    Worth watching...thanks!
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    Since I recently entered the third quarter of life I have clearly noticed a reduction in my visual acuity and reflexes, as well as motor and sensory degeneration. In fact, that’s specifically why you see some folks in this group, revert back to revolvers and some have adopted laser grips. Actually, the grips are now on my ‘to ($) do’ list.
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    I'm 63 with failing eyesight. I went to the CT and point shooting to eliminate the problem. Also, the laser is an excellent training device point shooting disciplines. It lets you know exactly where you are pointing.

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    I Hate Time Also in this regard,

    Nothing to offer that the others have'nt already

    Am trying to deal with withering eyesight too,
    am 49 and still have amazingly crisp clear eyesight, except for the need for reading glasses 3 yr.s ago.

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    Sounds like a bunch of young kids around here. I'll be 77 in April and I don't wear anything but sunglasses or shooting glasses. Now for the secret - grow some cataracts and have them removed and replaced with a man made lens. Before that I had 20/850 vision and coke bottle lenses. Sure is nice and now I can go out in the rain and still see.
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    Very interesting thread gunnies.

    Two things I'd like to point out........ Most of you are mear kids.. I am closer to 71 than 70 years old ....... so if some of my posts seem senile, well there is a good reason...

    And now more seriously I am right handed... and my dominant eye has always been the right eye. About two years ago my right eye started failing to the point I really can't see out of it. So now I have to "cross over shoot"... I can still shoot fairly well but really need to find a laser system for my guns. At this point I don't have any. I would appriciate any suggestions you might have.

    I don't mean to hijack this thred so please feel free to PM me.

    Thanks very much........

    Be Alert and Stay Safe


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