It dont matter when the video was made, what matters is the message it brings. Not every part of the video may be true, but, its true enough. We are under attack by an enemy who does not care about your rights. The rights our fathers fought so hard for in almost every single war including the American Revolution. They dont care that your an everyday, law abiding, down to earth citizen. They only care about the $ and taking control of YOU!

It is time to stand up to this enemy and fight back! Enough is enough! Yes that video "enraged me" thats why I posted it, and thats what its supposed to do! Its meant to show us what we are up against, what kind of battle we are fighting.

I love this country, I fought for this country, I want to remain in this country. But if they take my guns, if we LET them win, Im moving. I dont know where, but I will renounce my citizenship and move to Norway in the mountains and be by myself or something. I donno.