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Do you practice point shooting

This is a discussion on Do you practice point shooting within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Rollo Seeing as how most defensive shootings don't involve the sights (or so I have heard) You heard right. I practice PS ...

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Thread: Do you practice point shooting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
    Seeing as how most defensive shootings don't involve the sights (or so I have heard)
    You heard right.

    I practice PS every time I'm at the range, within a 10' range anyway.

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    You will find info on this here:
    Threat Focused Forums - Powered by vBulletin

    Also serach this board. Lets of good info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ram Rod View Post
    Sure. Any time I'm shooting at ten yards or less at the range.
    Exactly the same way I practice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Yes! I attended a class last Fall...was very surprised at how effectively one can learn to completely ignore the sights.
    It's all you're going to need in a WW parking lot incident. Night sights allow you to do the same thing in low/no light situations.
    I attended the same class as Ken, given by Brownie, and now 95% of my range time is spent practicing point shooting.

    I agree with Ken that the reality is that if you ever need to use your gun in a real situation you are not likely to have the time to be able to sight in on the BG.
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    Other than the qual course with an M9 (long ago), never done it with a pistol. Probably should.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nova83tx View Post
    So I have a noob question.

    From my understanding (may be wrong) I know "point shooting" is shooting before you have aimed down the sights.

    What position do most practice this from? Do you practice at the hip, as soon as you have cleared leather? Do you "point shoot" while you are transitioning from draw to normal firing position? Do you shoot while in a normal firing position, but you do it so quickly you haven't found the front sight yet?

    Any more info would be great. From my research, all I could gather was something along the lines of "point shooting is a method of shooting a firearm that relies on a shooter's instinctive reactions and kinematics to quickly engage close targets." This isn't very helpful on fine details and execution, so anyone that could elaborate would be great.
    Practice it from all positions, as the point is speed. There is no reason you cannot shoot from the hip or any other position.
    To get it down, all you have to do is point your gun like you would with your finger. Focus on the threat, center mass. It is as easy as that. People try to make it tough or some sort of voodoo magic. It is not.
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    Definitely something that should be practiced. I practice point shooting every time I go to the range and shoot pistols.

    It's interesting when your looking for center mass quick fire shots how many you can get off and how accurate it can really be. By accuracy I'm not referring to a .5in group. But putting 2-4 rounds center mass very quickly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Avenger View Post
    What are sights?

    In fact, thats how I tell my students to practice. Turn and point your index finger at an object and say "bang," believe it or not, it really helps.
    Do you tell them to shout, "Stick 'em up!" too?

    Sorry, couldn't resist that. Took down many a BD with my "shootin' finger" when I was a kid.

    Any kind of practice that helps is all good.
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    absolutely, practicing point shooting is just as important as shooting that tight group at 15 yards

    when a threat is simulated, we're trained to fire as soon as the pistol is ripped out of the holster
    we practice our draw ripping the pistol out of the holster and firing as soon as the arm is parallel with the ground, then as the pistol is brought to the center line of the body and the support hand comes into contact with the pistol forming the grip another shot is fired, then the pistol is punched out to use the sights popping off whatever rounds are needed
    we also practice shooting one-handed (both left and right) in the anchor position, middle of gun forearm is anchored into your side just above your holster, and from the Greg position....both hands gripping pistol drawn back against the chest/abdomen

    I practice on the steel range drawing/firing from the hip on first target while moving laterally then engaging other steel bad guys and getting to cover
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    Always! You play how you practice, and if you never practice your point shooting you'll have no proficiency in it when you need it. Take a couple of mags MINIMUM every time you head to the range and practice firing without sights and under duress. To make it better, do 25 jumping jacks first and then pick up and fire your weapon (if the range allows) to simulate the stress of the moment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nova83tx View Post
    What position do most practice this from?
    Here's one approach: As soon as the muzzle clears the holster drop your elbow and orient your gun parallel to the ground and towards your target. Now you're in position to take a hip shot (which is all you'd have time for if your opponent is on top of you). Then drive the gun forward, letting it rise to about mouth level as the arm extends, keeping the muzzle as much as possible parallel to the ground and pointed at the target throughout the motion.

    At any point during this maneuver you can take a shot. Or, if you take several shots during this movement, roughly hitting in a line from pelvis to chest in sequence, it's called "the zipper".

    Where in the motion you take your shot(s) depends on how far away your opponent is by the time you get your gun into a fireable position.

    At the top of the motion, with the arm fully extended and the silhouette of the gun in your peripheral vision, you'll get your best point shooting accuracy.

    And if you have the luxury to time and the necessity of greatest accuracy you can raise the gun another couple of inches and align your sights.
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    Yes. Also left hand (I am extremely right handed).

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    Thanks, mfcmb. That was instructive.

    I don't practice it, yet -- but I need to. From now on, I will. I hate that I'm not as accurate at it; I take some pride from my shot placement, especially being a relative newbie. But I understand about real life encounters being close range.

    Good reminder!
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    Since Brownie's class, always practise point shooting out to 10 yards. "Elbow up, Elbow down, bang".

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    One thing that I found interesting while I was doing it at the range was that is was almost kind of hard NOT to use the sights. I've shot for so long with out point shooting that my instinct is to line them up. I assume the more I practice not using them the eaiser it will become.
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