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Do you practice point shooting

This is a discussion on Do you practice point shooting within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I regularly do both. 1. Aimed fire to "keep" my muscle memory ( trigger pull, follow through, etc.) Also for those cases when I may ...

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Thread: Do you practice point shooting

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    I regularly do both.

    1. Aimed fire to "keep" my muscle memory ( trigger pull, follow through, etc.) Also for those cases when I may have time to "aim"
    2. Point & shoot for CQ.

    Think " batting practice" == "aimed fire" = Batting "T" ( honing swing & correcting errors) - Point shooting = the batting cage ( putting it into "practice")


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    Well, sure. As a competitor and a defensive carry type, of course I practice "point shooting". Brian Enos refers to it as "Type One Focus". Rob Pincus calls it "Low Deviation Control". When you need rounds on target fast, the target is suitable, my confidence level is high, and the consequences of a miss are low, yeah, that's what you use! ;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rollo View Post

    Is point shooting something that most of you practice?
    Yes, every time I go to the range.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron View Post
    I attended the same class as Ken, given by Brownie, and now 95% of my range time is spent practicing point shooting.
    Another Brownie fan here! I routinely practice the drills that he teaches.

    If I'm trying to get a tight group, I'll use the sites. Out to 10 or 12 yards its all point shooting.
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    I dont find it at all usefull to stand and slowly snipe the target trying to get perfect bullseyes because thats not how it is going to go down if you are attacked or must defend your home. I practice doubletaps from a concealed holstered position
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    Yes, every range session.
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    I've recently started and was surprised how natural it was to get hits on the target. Not saying they're great hits right now. But if I need to wing someone when I clear leather I know I can do it. Focus your eyes on where you want to hit. I usually see any misses and my hand automatically corrects to close the distance. At least that seems to be the case. If I want to punch bulls-eyes I'll use my .22. If I am shooting my carry piece I try to change it up a bit.

    Funny story. I was the only one shooting rapid fire 3-5 rds at the range the other day. The rest were trying to shoot a good group. Till this guy, about 70 yrs old shows up. His first group was at least 8-9 rds as fast as he could shoot. Don't mess with old folks!!

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    Point shooting is what I practice most of the time, 2 as fast as I can to the chest no sights and 1 to the head as fast as I can using sights.

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    I practice point shooting about 80% of the time with my pistols.

    Long guns are a different matter for obvious reasons.
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    I point shoot every time I get out to the range.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
    Do you practice point shooting?

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    Well, you all convinced me. Time to practice this. Guess I'll have to stay away from the range that won't let you set a target closer than 25'. Oh well...that range is too far away anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
    Is point shooting something that most of you practice?
    Yes, absolutely. To be clear, point shooting is not to be confused with hip shooting, though hip shooting is a form of point-shooting, unless there is a laser on the weapon.

    Most of my point shooting is more like Rex Applegate's method, and Mas Ayoob's Stressfire, and SouthNarc's ECQC. I have trained with SouthNarc and Paul Gomez. Yes, point-shooting from SouthNarc's "#2" is effective, and accurate, at extreme close qiarters, against a standing adversary.

    With a revolver, especially longer-barreled, 4"-plus, I have worked with Bill Jordan's method, from _No Second Place Winner_. In serious sixgun days, I was reasonably accurate this way. I now use autoloaders on duty and for most CC, and shorter-barreled revolvers, so I am out of practice.

    At in-service training a few years ago at the police academy, we were introduced to two-handed Stressfire. In dim light, we fired a given number of shots, in the same quite short time frames, at the same distance, using sighted fire and then Stressfire, and my Stressfire group was just a bit smaller, because I was ahead of the game by using it years before, on my own. My rate of fire with sighted fire was also notably slower, which was predictable enough. (I can't recall if this was five or seven yards, but I had been firing the seven-yard stage of my qual, which is two-handed sighted fire, by just looking over the top of my sights.)

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    Not enough, with my useful CCW guns that hurt my trigger finger and hands, i.e., Ruger LCP; Smith Model 60; and Kel-Tec P-11. Naturally, I prefer shooting my bigger heavier more accurate fun guns at more distant paper targets, while taking the time to aim with my right eye [and squint my left one] along the barrel of my longer guns. I have to make myself shoot a box of bullets through my smaller more useful ones!

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