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Dissapointed with my local Gun Shop

This is a discussion on Dissapointed with my local Gun Shop within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by faif2d I like the Gander Mountain store sign, something like--all guns must be unloaded and checked in at the customer service desk-- ...

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Thread: Dissapointed with my local Gun Shop

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    Quote Originally Posted by faif2d View Post
    I like the Gander Mountain store sign, something like--all guns must be unloaded and checked in at the customer service desk-- right under that is --this does not apply to registered concealed carry holders--. It is all right in one place. It did seem silly to have an employ escort me and a cased long gun back to the gun counter when I had a loaded pistol in my pocket.
    Thats pretty funny right there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phantoms View Post
    I was in Mission Essential gun shop here in Savannah, GA today when I overheard a conversation between a customer and salesguy about carry inside the store that upset me. It was what the sales guy said and the way he said it that upset me. Below is the e-mail I sent to the store. It describes what happened and what made me mad. It's a shame because I've always been happy with this place up till this.--Quote:


    I was in your Savannah Store today where I have purchased guns in the past, just browsing handguns when a customer that was next to me asks one of your sales guys "so why did y'all stop allowing carry in the store?". I was carrying concealed so this caught my attention and I listened to the conversation.

    Sales guy replied: "you can carry as long as it's unloaded. You can leave your magazines at the door". (I assumed he meant right inside the door).

    Customer replies: "Why did y'all start this policy, did you have an incident?"

    Sales guy responds: "No, we just don't want someone in here with a loaded gun and then jumping over the counter and grabbing a MP5".

    What kind of nonsense is that? He could of just said it was store policy and left it at that, but that response only goes to feed the anti-gun-rights-people ammunition to continue taking our rights away. It feeds into a wrongful hysteria that if the people are allowed to have guns, they will be shooting and robbing everyone. We've fought hard in GA (and nationally) to get some of our constitutionally guaranteed gun rights and freedoms back and continue to fight every day to get the rest of them back and these types of responses can do nothing but harm.

    I personally would think that a Gun Store would want everyone inside that could legally be carrying to be so if they were ever actually robbed. A person set on robbing will most likely not be carrying legally and will not honor any store policy anyway. Furthermore, someone who would rob a gun store would most likely be a much more violent criminal who expected there to be armed people inside. But in the end it's your store and you can set whatever policy you wish (though in GA all you can do is ask someone to leave if you actually observe them carrying in your store whether you post a policy or not).

    Whatever policy you wish to implement in your store, please don't allow your sales people to spout rhetoric like they did above. If you actually believe such hysteria, perhaps you shouldn't be selling guns to start with. <<<<end quote

    As per the owner operator's reply, he is no longer the owner operator--he, an ex military member who's main store was in a major military town, was convicted on federal felony charges of illegally selling illegally obtained US Army equipment. He is not allowed to set foot in a gun shop, never mind own a gun, for the rest of his life. I beleive their orginal motherlode store in Hinesville was sold--it's name has changed, most certainly and the days of great deals there and at their Savannah store, seem to be long gone. Additionally, a Mission Essential employee in their remaining Savannah store accidently discharged a weapon in their city of Savannah store, shooting a customer. They have a policy now where no customer can enter without taking the magazine/clip out of their weapon, conceal carry permit or whatever!

    *EDIT: There was a misunderstanding that's been addressed. Please see reply #28 at http://www.defensivecarry.com/vbulle...31-post28.html

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScubaDuba View Post
    A lot of the guys I was in the Army with really liked the owner of that store. Can't remember his name, but they all thought he was a good guy. Maube you should talk to him about it.
    The Mission Essential Stores have taken a great decline in the past 6 months. I suspect they are close to going out of business. Most troubling though is that the man all military personal really liked Joshua Works was indicted for theft of military property for sale in his store. Apparently several Gi's from the Hinesville area were involved as well. It can be read about at the following link:


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    Great reply from the store owner and he has the right attitude!

    CANT: Carry Always, Never Tell

    Cogito, ergo armatum sum. I think, therefore I am armed. (Don Mann, The Modern Day Gunslinger; the ultimate handgun training manual)

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    Quote Originally Posted by LM2024 View Post
    In one of my local gun shops, a CCWer came in, was showing his gun at the counter, had a negligent discharge, and another customer was shot, the bullet striking him in the side. Fortunately, that customer survived, but suffered extensive injuries. Since then, people coming in must have their guns unloaded and cased when doing business in the store and before going in to the range. Of course, the employees are armed up, so no worries there.

    I would imagine some of the stores with similar policies have had similar incidents that caused that policy. There are a lot of people, regardless of whether they are a CCWer or not, that don't practice or are lazy about firearm safety.
    Then come up with a policy that makes sense - not some knee-jerk policy that punishes everybody. If they are going to do that, they should run for Congress, not operate a gun store. My gun store's policy is: If you carry concealed keep it concealed - actually it's: "You don't show me yours and I won't have to show you mine."

    If you want to sell, or show a gun, keep it unloaded. If you bring in a legal, loaded weapon - keep it holstered. Simple, and addresses those accidental discharges.

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    My LGS is friendly on all fronts. I just drop in sometimes to bs. Coy is one of those.guys who has never met a stranger. If I need something and he's not open a phone call will take care of it. He's even dropped off stuff at my house on his way home. That's service.
    We have different gifts, each according to the grace God has given to each of us.

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    Our store is not posted and we have no problem with OC or CC as long as the guns stay where they started But I had a customer come in today and ask if we were interested in a trade. He placed a large plastic bag on the counter and took out an assortment of inexpensive holsters and a blue Smith and Wesson box. I reached for the box and he said,"Oh, it's not in there", and proceeded to draw it from an SOB holster, open the cylinder and empty it. It was a Smith 638 and in rough condition. When I quoted him a price he grabbed the gun off the counter and started to reload it. I requested that he do this after he left the store. He was visibly upset and told me he would find another place to do business. The store was full of people and there's just too much of a chance of something going wrong in that situation.

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    Thumbs up I am Glad this was resolved I have bought weapons at the Savannah Store Thank You.

    Quote Originally Posted by Phantoms View Post
    Here is the reply I received. I really do like this store. They are very pro military too. The are fixing to add a range to the Savannah store (already have one in the Hinesville store).
    I appreciate your reply about your Carry and Conceal Policy for Responsible CCW Citizens/Customers. i am a recent Customer and I have bought 2 weapons from your Savannah Store. You have very Knowledgable and Excellent Employees working at this store. MMabry

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    If a gun store don't allow me to CCW, I just don't spend time or money there.

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    The LGS/range has a sign on the door that reads:
    "All firearms entering store must be in a case. Except CCW"
    This is in CA (where, surprisingly, signs have no force of law).

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