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As the OP said, he wouldn't shoot unless the target was identified and he felt sufficiently threatened - if you keep your home secure while you're home and someone who is not supposed to be in your home appears, I feel that's a sufficient threat to draw and prepare to shoot.

Everyone is welcome to their own opinion and I hope mine hasn't come across badly, because I do understand where you're coming from - I just don't agree.
No problem. And I 100% agree with this ^^^. Which the OP has since clarified.

About the 'legal' in TX part....I'm aware of this. It still wouldnt change my actions. I still wouldnt shoot unless *I* determined my life was in danger, legal or not. But that's just my position on it.

As a single woman living in a rural area...I have thought my position out pretty carefully. I have renters on my property (different residence). I have deaf teenagers next property over....who party and have bonfires. My renters also carry. They also have a key to my house. They know to identify themselves in an emergency.

I will retreat to my safe room (bedroom) where my firearm is and if anyone gets that far and enters, the likelihood that they are not a lethal threat is almost nil...but I will still visually ID them.