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Which State is the friendliest for CC

This is a discussion on Which State is the friendliest for CC within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by scgunlover1 South Carolina isn't bad, but may not be quite as good as some states. While I am grateful for what we ...

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Thread: Which State is the friendliest for CC

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    Quote Originally Posted by scgunlover1 View Post
    South Carolina isn't bad, but may not be quite as good as some states.
    While I am grateful for what we have what we don't have is glaring such as no provision for OC and no guns in restaurants that serve alcohol.I also don't like the lack of reciprocity with a lot of states (Georgia in particular)

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    Without actually having lived there, I had venture to say? Correct me if I'm wrong.

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    I like Utah
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    Ok, I admit CA sucks--no real OC, May Issues state, 10 round mag limits, insane CA DOJ-approval process, zero reciprocity, etc.

    But once you get your CCW permit, you can carry virtually everywhere (except Post Office and Federal Buildings): church-no problem, school zone-no problem, restaurants-no problem, places with no gun signs-no problem.
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    Utah sounds wonderful for carry. And I'd love to live in Vermont. But no one yet has mentioned something else Texas has - and it's very important:

    If you shoot someone, and a grand jury decides it was self defense, you cannot be sued by the person you shot, or his family.
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    Texas has the best castle doctrines on the books including civil immunity but I feel it ranks about medium in regards to shall issue CC states. The license is obscenely expensive, a couple of the qualifying attributes for getting approved are too restrictive (no defaulted student loans), there are FAR too many off limit locations and the stupid signs need to go. Signs mean nothing to criminals and only create safe zones for them to operate in. Finally, open carry is not allowed in any form so Texas has a LONG way to go
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    Send me to the wilderness where you still get money back from the stste goverment from oil royalties ! Imarried the wrong type of women for that type of adventure.

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    I have to agree that Utah is a very good state for carry and I plan on getting a permit there in the future for the reciprocity it has. Vermont isn't a state I know too much about, but from what it sounds it's probably very friendly. I have to put my vote in for Washington. The fact that the permits are very easy to get work as a benefit and detriment. But I love the fact that Washington is a "stand your ground" state and doesn't require a duty to retreat. I know specifically that Utah and Texas are very gun friendly, but being born and raised in Eastern Washington it surprises me how friendly this liberal state is for guns. And I can't forget to mention the open carry...

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    For as liberal as MN is, our CC law is one of the best. Can OC if you want, the signs don't have any legal weight, only restricted places are courts and post offices (school grounds is allowed with permission from principal), immunity from civil suits, no stupid restrictions on the number or type of weapons you can carry (can legally carry a rifle on your back if you wanted, though I'm sure the cops would pick you up for disturbing the peace or something), permit isn't tied to your drivers license, no duty to disclose you are carrying unless requested by an officer, etc...

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    In kentucky your CCW license is good for switchblades, brass knuckles, and just about anything else you want to carry. It's a weapons permit, not just a gun permit.

    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Are you sure about this one?
    Kentucky State Police: Concealed Deadly Weapons

    What weapons are covered under the CCDW license? Click here for answer

    •Any weapon from which a shot, readily capable of producing death or serious physical injury, may be discharged.
    •Any knife other than an ordinary pocket knife or hunting knife.
    •Billy, nightstick, or club.
    •Blackjack or slapjack.
    •Nunchaku karate sticks.
    •Shiriken or death star.
    •Artificial knuckles made from plastic, or other similar hard material.

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    So far, no complaints from West Carrollton, Ohio. EXCEPT that every other business door has those damned slashed-circled-gun-ban signs on them, making you keep your guns inside your vehicles, in effect negating CCW for you.

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    For CC... Pennsylvania is not bad at all. Our list of off limit places I can count on one hand and still have fingers left.

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