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Spare magazines - how many do you carry, etc.

This is a discussion on Spare magazines - how many do you carry, etc. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I typically carry one spare mag with any gun I carry... It's not a matter of extra rounds, it's for the malfunction possibility... mags are ...

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Thread: Spare magazines - how many do you carry, etc.

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    I typically carry one spare mag with any gun I carry... It's not a matter of extra rounds, it's for the malfunction possibility... mags are the weakest link in all autos... I carry them, weak side, in a Gerber multi-tool pouch...

    When I carry my 642, I carry a speed loader and a speed strip. With the j-frame, it's for the extra rounds....
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    I count rounds i like to have at least 21 round for 1911's, 30 rounds for my Glock 19, 12 for my Keltec P3at, or 18 for my 357 one speedloader and 6 loose rounds.

    For me its a balance between comfortable and capacity. the most annoying problem i have is finding decent yet inexpensive magazine pouches.

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    One 13 rnd spare mag.
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    Depends on what I am carrying and where I am going.

    Around house and local 1911 + 1 8rd spare

    Downtown major city?

    Jeans/Polo shirt - 6 shot .357 snub 2 speed loaders in cell phone carrier, 4 speed strips in PDA "wallet"

    suit and tie or jacket .45 (1911) 2 spare mags off side and third mag in jacket - if my threat assessment is high for the area add the .357 and at least the speed loaders... any higher - I don't go

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    Open carry I have two full reloads.
    Concealed, one reload.

    As someone mentioned, if I go through even 10 rounds and haven't solved the problem, I need either a Bible or an air strike more than extra rounds.
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    15+1 in the gun and two spare 15 round magazines.

    I go by the idea that you can never have too much ammo.

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    I typically carry an XDM .40 with 16+1 rounds and no spare mags. If I am carrying my PM9 (6+1) or my XD9SC (13+1) then I will carry a spare mag on my hip in a mag pouch. If I am carrying my XD45 Service (13+1) I won't usually tote a spare. It's kind of a weather-based decision. When it's cold and I wear more layers I tend to carry the bigger service autos. When it's hot and I have less concealment for larger pistols, I will sometimes revert to my smaller pistols.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katana View Post
    Not so much for the extra ammo, but due mainly to the possibility of a magazine malfunction.

    even the most dependable mechanical things have a tendancy to malfunction at the most inconvenient times, thus a spare on weak side
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    One extra mag for which ever gun I'm carrying. Usually in weak side cargo pocket.
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    One extra mag, one J-frame
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    Always a little extra

    I don't envisage needing extra rounds should I inadvertently find myself in a "shoot out" scenario, however habit dictates that I always carry at least one extra mag. For each of my handguns (semi-autos) I have an extra 2 magazines available for a total of 31 rounds at any one time. The number I carry depends on my setup for the day. If I'm carrying IWB or pancake, I'll pop one into my Galco horizontal carrier at the 6 o'clock position - not very comfortable to drive with but reassuring all the same. If I'm carrying in my shoulder holster then I'll balance the rig out with 2 magazines on the weak side, as intended. Otherwise I can change it to a half-rig with tie-down and take one extra on my belt, but that kind of defeats the purpose of having a double carrier for the holster.

    I also use the extras to practice tactical reload techniques at home (replacing live rounds with A-Zoom caps of course). When I can't get to a range as often as I want, this is one of the things I do to keep on top of my game.

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    If I carry the 1911, I'll carry an extra mag. Most of the time I'm carrying my 686+ and a speed strip. That gives me 14 rounds with the 686 or 15 rounds with the 1911.
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    2 reloads for the main gun and 2 for the bug gun - unless I am ging to unfriendly areas - then I double it.
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    Spare magazines - how many do you carry, etc.

    I'd carry a spare gun before I'd begin carrying spare mags. No civilian defensive engagement that I've ever heard or read about involved using a spare mag.

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    A spare gun instead of spare mags. That's interesting.

    So if I get the bigger 9mm or 40 cal big black gun, then I could revert to using the new LCP as the backup if desired. It's so tiny, almost weighs less than a spare mag for a larger gun.

    I also like the idea posted about using pda and phone cases for magazines.

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