When you see the sign "no firearms" on businesses....

When you see the sign "no firearms" on businesses....

This is a discussion on When you see the sign "no firearms" on businesses.... within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Do you bring in ammo clips, or must they be removed as well? And, what do you do with the firearm? Do you keep a ...

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    When you see the sign "no firearms" on businesses....

    Do you bring in ammo clips, or must they be removed as well?

    And, what do you do with the firearm? Do you keep a lockbox in your truck/car, put it in the trunk, hide under seat, etc. Looking for clever ideas.

    Or, can you just unload it? Not really looking for legal advice, just wondering how people approach this issue.

    (yes I am new to cc, thanks for the help)

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    If the posting doesn't follow my state's laws, then I personally ignore the posting as it's not legal. Granted, I'm taking my chances....that's just me. If I do run across a legally posted no carry posting, I just don't go there. Federal buildings and places listed as off limits under law with no requirements to post, I'll disarm and leave the pistol in my vehicle. I may or may not continue to wear the holster and/or spare magazine. Depends on my gear primarily. I have one holster that's very easily taken off and put back on with my pistol intact. In this instance I 'll remove them as one single item.
    I'm not giving advice...this is just what I do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ram Rod View Post
    If the posting doesn't follow my state's laws, then I personally ignore the posting as it's not legal. .
    ^^^ Ditto.

    And SHOP ELSEWHERE if possible.
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    I'm right there too. If the sign is improper, I ignore it. If it's legal and I must enter, I disarm. If it's properly posted and I have choices, I don't enter. The marketplace offers alternatives and I'll patronize businesses who want my money.
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    The sign issue depends upon which state you're in.
    Some states require the signage to be a certain size and in a specific place to be legal, and other states do not address signage.
    In FL, signs mean nothing...but I've never spotted a sign here.
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    If a business displays a No Gun sign, I spend my money elsewhere,
    If it is a school or Federal Building and I absolutely have to enter I'll lock the gun up in my vehicle, while still wearing the empty holster that stays concealed under my clothing. Any extra ammo I may be carrying stays where it is, I can't throw it at 800+ FPS.
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    As others have said, it depends on your states laws as to what legal status the signs carry.

    If I must disarm I will lock my weapon in my truck using a COM safe. I usually keep my spare magazine on and depending on the type of holster I'm wearing, may or may not leave it on. Link leads to the type of safe I use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by archer51 View Post
    As others have said, it depends on your states laws as to what legal status the signs carry.
    I always keep my mags, knife, and flashlight with me if I have to leave my firearm locked away (federal facilities and courthouses notwithstanding).

    Otherwise, I ignore posted signs....while I believe it is altruistic to believe you'll take business elsewhere, there are times where you just need to get what you need and move on.
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    The postings don't mean anything in Indiana. They can only ask you to leave. I would ignore the sign. I generally don't shop at places with those signs.
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    If it's someplace I need to go, I'll continue on in (always carry, never tell). In GA signs have no legal meaning. If it's a place I like, I'll try contacting the owner or management by email or letter letting them know about the law and how I feel to see if they will remove the sign. If they won't then it means that's a place that doesn't want my business.

    Places that are off limits by law (government buildings, etc.), I'll lock the gun in the vehicle.

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    Unless there's a metal detector my default is "what sign?".

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    Take your business elsewhere. There is always an alternative. It may take time.

    One of our three local banks put up a no guns sign when they built a new building. I didn't say anything, but as things came due I moved my mom's money and opened accounts for my family in the other banks. Now we are down to one CD which will move in February. I never tell anyone I carry, so discussing the sign was not an option for me. I am sure in our small rural Ozark community, the sign has cost the bank a lot of business.

    The funny thing is that in Missouri, if you do carry into a posted business, they can ask you to leave. If you leave, no legal action is available to the business owner. So the bank posting has no practical effect, other than to alienate customers whose families have been doing business there for generations.

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    Purely a state matter.

    If it's not prohibited, it's legal.

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    I have done it 2 times here were I see the sign and just walk away and
    I will spend my money some were else!!
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    It is not the same in all states; in some states those signs means nothing, I other states you will get in big trouble if you do not follow them. In FL they means nothing, but if for some strange reason they realize that you are CCing and they ask you to leave, then you better do it right away, otherwise you are armed trespassing.
    Of course, it is illegal to carry in any Federal place.
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