How do you carry in your car?

How do you carry in your car?

This is a discussion on How do you carry in your car? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well I've been carrying a lot lately and this question popped up in my head today because of a almost incident.... What I carry: A ...

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    How do you carry in your car?

    Well I've been carrying a lot lately and this question popped up in my head today because of a almost incident....

    What I carry: A Glock 22 in a Glock Combat Holster. Carried on my right side.

    The scenario: I was running errands and was in a not so good part of the city when I decided to get lunch at a Taco Bell. I go into the drive thru line and am waiting when one guy comes up to my drivers side window asking for a dollar. I tell him no. Then like 30 seconds later this homeless guy comes near my drivers side door (about 5 feet away). Now I've got my window up and he motions to me and I motion back like I'm saying "what?". He points to the menu and then makes the hand to his mouth move like he's eating. I assume of course that he's asking me to buy him something. I give him a firm no using a headshake. He gives me the stinky eye and then shambles off back into the restaurant to no doubt harass someone else.

    At this point I realized that if something had happened I would have been in some poop as I'd have to take my seat belt off then move my jacket and shirt and then pull the gun out. Would I have the time to do such a thing? My self answer was no. My only defense would be to throw it in reverse and peel out and hope no one was behind me.

    So after this I pull the gun out and just sit it in the console next to me. As I got up to the window to pay I put it in the glove box so as to not freak out the cashier.

    So how do you guys carry in your car? Do you keep it holstered? Do you put it in the glove box? Do you have a holster attached to the car?

    What do you do?

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    I carry in a clip on IWB holster at 2 o'clock. As I enter my truck, the holstered firearm comes out and goes in the console area beside my drink holders. It fits right in there perfectly and lays flat. Since the holster, gun, and console area are black it kind of blends in. Since my truck is a 4x4, not much chance of anyone looking in and seeing it. Even if they did, I'm not concerned about anyone freaking out about it. Open carry is legal in Virginia, and I also have a CC permit. You can also tuck the holstered weapon between your drivers seat and the console with the strap unhooked (if it has a retention strap). It is hidden by your leg and readily accessible...and not likely to go flying if you have to hit your brakes. Just some ideas.
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    How do you carry in your car?
    In the same holster I carry the gun in when I am not in my car. Blackhawk serpa, on my right hip with a spare mag on my left in a Blackhawk magazine holder.

    Why would you even consider un-holstering and placing the gun someplace else when you are in the car? If you are concerned about being able to get to your gun when seated in your car, then I would practice drawing from the seated position in your car until you feel confident that you can do it. Having the gun someplace that is not on your person just makes it that much easier, and likely, for it to go someplace else when you have to break hard or in an accident.
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    I carry my firearm on my hip same as you. I dont get too concerned about using it while sitting down at the wheel. Like you said, if something bad went down, put the car in gear and slam the gas! If you cant...

    *You need to take your car in a secluded part of town, country, etc. Somewhere its safe to pull your firearm out and practice this.*

    Practice hitting your seatbelt release button and opening the door at the same time. You think its easy, well, it does take some practice. Its often referred as almost being like rubbing your belly and patting your head at the same time. Practice jumping out and pulling your firearm and presenting it, being mindful of your door. I have watched people shoot their widow and risers practicing this at a range. Get comfortable with your speed and handling, practice makes perfect.

    Now, if you cant get the car into gear or your blocked in, you should have no problem getting your butt out of the car and presenting a firearm in the direction of the threat in under 2 seconds. That is the golden rule. I do not recommend firing from inside your car, only do it if you absolutely have to.

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    I always carry my weapon on me. It's too easy to become seperated from it otherwise.

    I have the advantage of open desert around where I live so I can practice drawing and shooting from the driver's seat. I use a blue gun to get the movements down then set up a target outside the driver's door and go live fire. I use the method taught at Gunsite and you can develop very smooth and rapid deployment of your weapon while still seated in your vehicle from seat belted to a controlled pair in 3.7seconds. (that's the best time I can obtain so far)

    Practice practice practice!
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    I usually front pocket carry. When I get in the car I put the firearm (usually a 38 snub) in the center console with the lid flipped open. Nobody can see in and I have pretty quick access.

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    I carry on my right hip. G19 in either a Serpa, beltslide, or supertuck. Depending on what I am doing. I get in the habit of taking my jacket off when I get in the car. If I forget I make sure to either get it clear of my gun or get it loose from the seat belt. And normally I tuck my shirt in behind my grip while driving. NC is an OC state so I don't worry about being seen. Generally I can get it by the seatbelt easily enough. It's the shirt and jacket I try to keep out of the way. And leave room to get your car around the car in front of you. Better to drive off from the BG than have to shoot you way out.

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    Walther P99 .40S&W in a FIST #42 Driving holster to crossdraw..


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    TN_Mike, Avenger and Thumper -- good advice!! and thanks for the ideas and techniques too...
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    When I'm driving I usually tuck the bottom of my cover shirt between my side and whatever I'm carrying(J frame, L frame or 1911) in a scabbard style holster. In the vehicle my jacket is always unzipped and when I buckle the seat belt I make sure to run the belt between my hip and the backside of the holster, so it can't interfere with drawing if I have to, along with making sure the jacket is free of the seat belt.

    Good tips on getting out and presenting the firearm, I'll have to practice those.
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    If I'm carrying OWB on my strong side, no problem...a quick 'click' and the firearm is out.
    If I'm carrying IWB/SOB, then the gun goes in between the seat and console when I enter a shady area...again easy retrieval.

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    the same way when i am out of the car.
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    Hey Y'all: I like this question. I find CC on my person,when in a car, to be a bit much and uncomfortable in that confined position. I pocket carry and just take the firearm out of pocket holster and place it near me in the car. My question is: I live in SC and without looking up the specifics, what are the specifics of the firearm placement? I usually will put it in the glove compartment or the middle console but would love to leave it on the passenger front seat and covered with a ballcap--can I?

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    If you are in a state that allows open carry you might consider just putting it on the console or somewhere it will stay put while you drive. That is what my CHP instructor does. Myself I leave it tucked IWB at 5:00 but I really don't consider that a good idea, but I don't want to retuck in a parking lot so yeah...I guess I need a gun just for the car that I lockup in a GunVault or COM safe when I'm not driving

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    4:00 iwb and the draw isnt difficult at all sitting in the car...not that i want to test it out but ive had to unholster several times for different reasons and find the reach fairly easy if i can maneuver around a a tight situation with somebody sticking inside the window i probably wouldnt be looking for my gun but a knife is always in easy reach and i wouldnt have a problem dragging someone down the street and cleaning them off on another vehicle or obstacle if i had might be a good opportunity to see how well the power windows hold up under stress also....

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