Do rubber grips cause problems?

Do rubber grips cause problems?

This is a discussion on Do rubber grips cause problems? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am thinking about getting another gun. I am looking at an SP101 with a 3 inch barrel. Anyway, this really isn't about the gun ...

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Thread: Do rubber grips cause problems?

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    Question Do rubber grips cause problems?

    I am thinking about getting another gun. I am looking at an SP101 with a 3 inch barrel.

    Anyway, this really isn't about the gun but the grips. All of the guns I usually carry have either steel or polymer frames and grips so for the most part material from shirts/jackets or whatever slide right past the grip. There have been occasions where the shirt will somehow get tucked behind the grip, but that is pretty rare.

    So for those of you who carry guns with rubber grips or rubber sleeves on your grip, do you notice that the material on your cover garment tends to stick to the rubber more that it does on non rubber grips. Do you notice yourself having to check your cover garment and unstick it more often when carrying guns with rubber grips.

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    I have an sp101 3" with a rubber hogue. I haven't found it to be a problem in the least it's not sticky rubber. The grip that comes with the sp101 is unusable IMO. There are a bunch of different grips out for the Sp101 including wood. When you shoot a snub .357 though your going to want a rubber grip (at least I do) it takes a lot of the recoil. Anyway I haven't had a problem and I also have slip on hogue rubber grips for a few other guns and love them.
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    I have a trausch stock on my SP101 snubbie. I do not know what they are made of but they do NOT hinder me when I pocket carry. They are NOT soft yet whether they are wet or dry they do NOT slip around one bit. They do make shooting full powered .357 loads feel like a .38 special.



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    Never had a problem with any of mine - and all my carry guns have them.
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    I've carried with Hogues on a number of 1911s and revolvers, never had an issue with a cover garment hanging on them.

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    I've got the Hogue rubber grips and haven't had a problem yet.
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    Do rubber grips cause problems?
    They never have for me. I'm currently using Trausch stocks on my SP101 with none of the issues of concern to you.

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    I have Hogue grip-all sleeves on my HK, G30, G17, and G21, no problem when I've carried them IWB
    also have Pachmayr grip on my S&W 642 I carry for a BUG on duty strapped to the vest, never had any issues with the shirt there either
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    No problem here either. My Smith snubbie has Hogue rubber. Admittedly, it's more for reduced felt's a 357.
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    Been using Pachmayr and Hogue grips on carry revolvers and autos for over 25 years. I have more problems with sweat causing my cover garment to stick than any grip I've ever used.
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    I have Hogue grips on my P229 and P239 and haven't had a problem carrying in them in the last 10+ years
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    I use a Hogue sleeve slip on no problems.
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    Mostly rubber grips or inner tube over Glock grips. No problem.
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    I carry a 3" S&W Model 65 IWB and a 2" S&W Model 36 in a Desantis Nemesis pocket holster. Both guns have rubber grips, Pachmayrs and Hogues respectively. I have no problems.

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    Pretty much the same as everyone else, carried Pachmayr and Hogue grips on the 1911 without issue for years.


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