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This is a discussion on Night Sights within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Keltyke I have Trijicons and it's a toss-up for me. While they give a nice sight picture in dim light, in the ...

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Thread: Night Sights

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keltyke View Post
    I have Trijicons and it's a toss-up for me. While they give a nice sight picture in dim light, in the daylight they're hard to pick up. The tritium tube ends up being a dark hole in the center of a small white circle. They're smaller than I expected, too. I'm going to paint the entire square face of the front sight white and see if that helps.
    I have Trijicon on my Glock 19 (ordered that way from Glock) but, I may be a bit compulsive because I just added Crimson Trace Laser Sights (model LG 417) to it.

    I'm 61 years old and I want every device available to reduce my risk of being shot again. The old eyes aren't what they used to be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tunnelrat83 View Post
    I have the Trijicon's with the orange rear/green front. Makes a world of difference. Love those things.
    Just a word about other than green NS......the warranty/guarantee may be less on the optional colors (other than original green). Read carefully. I one time the contrasting color night sights became appealing to me. Just do your research is all I'm saying......heck....after years of pistols, and years of night sights, I get to thinking more about simply getting a front glow stick instead of the full set anyway. Back to basics...............

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    Quote Originally Posted by foots402 View Post
    Are night sights any good on your weapon? If so which ones are the best? I'm thinking about putting them on my G37. Maybe the laser too.
    Here's my view on the subject:

    Here's something I posted on another forum since I've been using a laser for almost a year now. I will say, I'm definately a fan of the laser, but train mostly without it.

    Laser Grips for the Hi Power are great, IMHO.

    From a rest I never shot such a tight group in my life. What I have found is, at "normal" combat distance, out to 10 Yards or so, I'm quicker with the Laser Grips between shots and in getting the first shot off. After that, as the distance inreases, I prefer the traditional sight picture.

    It took me forever to get my laser grips "dialed in", but once I did, I was very pleased with the result. At longer distances I find the "quivering" too much of a distraction. As Massad Ayoob says, "Unless you're Robo-Cop" nobody can hold the gun perfectly still." At closer distances this isn't a problem, but when I try to keep five shots on a 3" x 5" Index Card at 25 Yards, it's too distracting with the laser. By the way, When I shoot at 25 Yards, that's from a free-standing position with the gun in my hands, not resting on a table.

    I have yet to try the Laser Grips under all light conditions, but I already know what I prefer in dim light with my glasses off. Without my glasses I'm better with a laser than trying to see my front Sight.

    Take care and stay safe and I hope that helps.


    Here's another post on the topic:

    This subject has been beat to death, and I've even posted on it and started my own threads even.

    That was a hint to use the Search feature by the way, as you will gain some great information to go with what is and will be posted here. My opinion will agree and differ from various posters, depending upon the poster.

    I myself started years ago with Iron Sights and was slow to accept night sights. Finally, kicking and screaming I was brought forth in to the twentieth century. I came to accept night sights and was happy with that replacing the Liquid Paper I used to carefully apply to my Front Sight. Then, lo and behold, I decided to try a laser.

    While lasers aren't for every situation, and I knowing what a perfect sight picture looks like, I would rather have the laser than the night sights if I could only have one. Each has their place and they are both on my EDC though.

    Wearing glasses and being near sighted may tend to influence my choices. Also, having been in low light confrontations, all three of them were what one would describe as "not perfect lighting", I look for any advantage I can get and like my Tool Box to be bountiful. Therefore, if you can I recommend both. If you can only have one, get the laser and spend a lot of time shooting with your Iron Sights. You should be doing that anyway, as there is no short cut for "trigger time" IMO.

    The laser just "helps" it doesn't replace. The same can be said for night sights, but I see greater assistance from the laser over the night sights.

    +1 to having a good flashlight. When I carry a gun, which is daily, I always have some form of communication device and illumination device that is hand held. I've learned both lessons from the "School of Hard Knocks".

    Take care and stay safe.

    I had posted those replies in various forums and thought you might find them helpful. If nothing else thay may be worth some consideration.


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    I am certainly a fan...on my 1911 Sc at my side now...Trijicons now...had Kahr factory NS's last and they were excelent as well.

    I don't see it as a "must have" for financial reasons...If money is tight I think a light and/or more range time are far better uses of the cash when it is limited.
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    I had Tussey install Fiber-optic sights on my 1911 and on my wifes S&W M&P. We really like them in almost any light except "dark" I've ordered Crimson trace for the 1911, but cannot find them for the M&P.It has an ambi safety, I guess that interferes too much. Anyone have "Laser Grips" on a S&W M&P 45ACP with a ambi safety?
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    Night sights are very good. I've used both Meprolights and Trijicoms and like both manufacturers. I like a Novak style rear sight with yellow lamps on the rear sight and a green for the front sight. The only thing that I would change, is that I would like to get an even larger and brighter front sight.

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    Only used the Meprolights on one gun and plan to purchase more.

    They have white rings around the tritium and appear as regular white-dot sights during bight daylight. In the evening/night, they appear glowing green.

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    On my EDG G22 night sights are a necessity!. There (Trijicon) green on green..At night when the G22 is on the bed stand you can see them clear across the room they glow so bright.....
    Better to have and not need then to need and not have!!!!
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    Well, through the years, I have had night sights on all my guns.
    Trijicon,Meprolights, and in 2008, I ordered a Glock 19, with factory installed night sights, which apparently are now made by Glock(Glock Brand night sights),
    And My Wilson Combat 1911 came with their brand of Night sights.
    All worked equally well, and only got dim after about ten years.
    Of course, my Glock 19 is less then two years old,these night sights work just as great as all the rest, I have had.
    I like night sights,and would not have a defense gun, without them.
    But, that's just me.

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    Meprolights are on my G17 with the Glock laser/light too. The night sights make it easy to find my Glock in the night.
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    I've got the night sights on my P229 and one of my 1911s, I believe they're Novaks. I love them.

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    All of my Glocks have TruGlo Brite-Site Tritium/Fiber Optic Sight Set. Just as bright in total darkness as they are during the day
    These sights are the most revolutionary innovation since TruGlo, Inc. introduced fiber optics. TFO refers to TruGlo's patented combination of Tritium and Fiber Optic technologies. The Tritium maintains the brightness level of the sight in low light (or NO light) conditions. That means you can see your sight even in complete darkness—with perfect transition through all light conditions. Tritium does not need batteries and does not need to be charged with light—it simply glows!
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    Night sites are useful

    I never go out at night but the night sights make it easier to find my gun on the dresser. I bought a Kahr pm9 and the only one available had night sights. They are hard to find, so I got the only one available in the whole United States. Did not know at the time that a lot of folks on this site think a Kahr is rated even lower than a Kreshna 793. Live and learn.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kahrdoor View Post
    Did not know at the time that a lot of folks on this site think a Kahr is rated even lower than a Kreshna 793. Live and learn.
    This is news to me. I've read a lot of posts extolling to Kahr as an excellent choice.

    Seems that often the OP will make a statement and those who agree are quick to post "me too" while those who disagree remain silent. Based on that you can "prove" about any point of view. Mine is that Kahr is an excellent gun.

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    For a CCW weapon though that you are going to use quickly, how useful are night sights. I'm getting some put on my M&P9c in a few days, but also have a CT laser grip. I was pretty impressed how tight my groups were the first time I shot with them. But in a real world situation, do you have time to use the sights? It seems like in that situation the laser might be more useful, aside from just the deterrent factor of the red dot on the guys chest.

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