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Jury Duty.......some people just need to keep their yapper shut

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Thread: Jury Duty.......some people just need to keep their yapper shut

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    Jury duty.....Courthouse.....Guns
    Whats wrong with this picture?
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    THAT was funny!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saber View Post
    In all my years, I have always been 'unselected' for jury duty. I guess I’m just good at that sort of thing.
    Yeah, they don't like smart people on juries. I have the same problem, never get selected.

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    Hi all. Funny that this topic came up now. Last wk I got my jury notice, so I promptly wrote a letter to be excused from serving on any jury. I spent 6 yrs as an investigator in a law firm, and an additional 2 yrs working in law offices. I simply told them, that I am extremely prejudiced about drug users and pushers. I am friends with many attys., LEO, from PSP, local Sheriffs office (friend with the Sheriff too,) and many municipal LEO as well. I said that I know the DA and would be leaning towards siding with them in a case that appeared to have sufficient evidence to be brought to trial. I also hit them with the fact that I am partially disabled (walk with a cane due to a car accident 19 yrs. ago,) and have trouble sitting for more than 15 or 20 min at a time without having to get up and walk around. Mailed my letter last Sat. and recieved a notice that I am "permanently" excused from serving upon any jury. Guess they didn't like the biased outlook that I have. So I guess I won't be called upon again. I really wouldn't mind sitting on a jury in a self defense case, if I could actually be able to sit thru a trial. And if I felt the accused was charged with a crime improperly, I would have no prob citing jury nulification.
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    you should always serve on a jury because besides voting it is the only way you can directly influence the country....
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    Sounds like the guy had a bad case of "I" strain!

    I got called for jury duty 6-7 years ago, when I lived in N Ca. I was in the first group brought up to the jury box for questioning. The defense attorney asked if anyone there had been involved in a court case as defendant, plaintiff, or witness. I raised my hand, having testified in a bad check case. he asked then if anyone was or had been in law enforcement. Once again, I raised my hand as I was once a jail medic and Deputy Sheriff while I was getting my prerequisites for PA school. Well, it seemed that every time he asked a question, i had to raise my hand, as i had been involved in whatever he was asking about. When he finished, I was among the few that were rejected for that case. I didn't want to do it, as it would have cost me money. I answered honestly, and the defense attorney just didn't want me, which I thought was great!
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    Love Brian Regan! Best comedian ever, IMO.

    Nothing to add here except a very politically incorrect comment I heard another comedian say that when he was selected for jury duty, he walked in and asked, "Where do the white people sit?"


    Even that comment is smarter than telling everyone you carry!

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