New gun frame wearing

New gun frame wearing

This is a discussion on New gun frame wearing within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I got a sig sauer p229 SCT .40 about a month ago. I noticed first hand that the slide was a little tight but I ...

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Thread: New gun frame wearing

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    New gun frame wearing

    I got a sig sauer p229 SCT .40 about a month ago. I noticed first hand that the slide was a little tight but I figured it would break in. I've only shot 350 rounds out of it. I've lubricated the gun before and after shooting it and cleaned it after every use. I've googled this and found a lot of people who have said sig told them it was normal wear, but I have 3 sigs, and I have 650 rounds out of my other p229 9mm two tone and it has no sign of any wear whatsoever in fact it looks the same as when I got it. Wanted to see what everyones feed back is on this.
    Make sure you see all 3 photos. You can't see the wear as much until you look under the rail.

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    Looks bad to me. Were I Sig, I would want that frame for further analysis. Strange things happen in the supply chain, manufacturing process, or use. Things the engineers can learn from.

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    That doesn't look normal to me, but I'm no gunsmith.
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    It looks like galling by the slide but the pics aren't good enough to actually say that positively. What are you using for lube?

    Personally I ONLY use a Teflon based grease for the rails on my autos. Straight oil isn't good enough to protect against wear/galling.

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    From the pic its hard to tell if it is the finish flaking off or gouging into the metal. I'd say that it is so localized indicates that this isn't a lube issue but more of a bad fit. Time to test Sig's Customer Service.
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    Is there a burr on the slide thats gouging into the frame
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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    Is there a burr on the slide thats gouging into the frame
    Or possibly on the frame.

    Since the problem appears to be localized to one place on the slide, have you been able to find where it is hitting the frame? There should be similar marks on the frame where the 2 pieces contact. It's possible the slide has a high spot in it and that is what is causing it to hit the frame.

    I'd contact SIG CS, get some better quality pictures and e-mail them to CS rep you talk to so they can evaluated them.
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    For what you have to pay for a Sig, you should demand satisfaction. Personally most of these premier mfgrs--mainly out of Europe, make very good firearms---its just that they do laugh a bit all the way to the bank.

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    The picture are too dark to tell for sure but that something aint right

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    Looks like excessive galling wear to me. When a material such as steel rubs along a softer material such as an alloy frame, this is what happens. My original M39 did the same thing. It’s also common with all stainless steel guns. In this particular case, it suggests a misalignment between the rails and the slide. One or the other may be slightly out of spec. or bent.

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    Looks like bear metal gouging and I wouldn't be happy with that. Have you sent the pics to Sig??
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