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Joe...Thanks for your candid remarks. I think you're seeing the frustration in the average working man's life concerning weapons and/or double standards. I'd suggest not holstering your weapon for your drive to/from work. Leave it handy (depending on your state laws) during the trip then secure it in a lockbox in your trunk. Going to and from the car at home you can stick it in your waistband.
Unfortunately, I have a 40 mile trek to work, and usually at least 1 stop on the way, hence the reason I holster. I typically use an IWB, but for the trip I picked up a paddle OWB for the ease of being able to remove when I get to work. Just got to remember to do it when I get there. I already pulled both my office key and my safe key off my key ring so I can follow what NC Bullseye said earlier.