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Please answer news poll on CC in restaurants

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Thread: Please answer news poll on CC in restaurants

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    86% Yes
    14% No

    I guess that 14% can go to McDonald's and eat while the rest of us have a nice dinner somewhere.
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    Done! 86% (4050 votes)

    Just Wednesday night at our neighborhood Tex Mex diner, I had iced tea with my beef enchilidas (CCing legally) while others around me enjoyed their margaritas & cervezas with their meals .... OMG ... the horror ... the humanity!

    NEWS FLASH: There were no shootouts, the streets did not turn red with blood, & everyone went home full, fat, & alive ... imagnine that!

    I might even do it again tonight.
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    Done 86% yes

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    Voted yes of course. A pleasure to vote in direct opposistion to the Pilots virulent liberal views. I cancelled my subscription to this sorry excuse for a newspaper.Whatever happened to just fairly Reporting the news?

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    Voted (of course) YES.

    Still at 86% yes overall.
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    Another Yes. Still 86/14. Wonder how many of the votes came from forum members?
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    Done, still 86-14.
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    86-14, gotta love it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob P. View Post
    I voted in the poll. 85% = YES!

    Had there been a comments section I too would have made a comment of something along the lines of: "So long as they are not drinking because I go there to EAT."

    As for gun in bars, the one thing that I see regarding this subject is that no one realizes the basic rule here. In every situation where a CCW carrier is present there is AT LEAST one gun right there. Bars tend to bring out horrible manners in people. Liquid courage does that. Now inject a gun into the mix and you may have a tendency to have some increase in incidents with a gun. Not because the carrier is the problem but because there are some drunks who won't know to back off before they get in too deep.

    Yes, people who carry should not be where there are potential problems if they can avoid it. However, does that mean that I can't take my family to a local restaurant that has a bar on the off chance that some drunk in the bar may become belligerent?

    The whole issue is one where 2 mindsets collide. Both are right. And both are wrong.
    True, however I am tired of either open carrying or leaving my gun in the car when all I intend to do is get some food at TGIF or some restaurant that serves.

    If you go to get drunk at a bar and carry then you are just plain stupid
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    Of course, the use of them "bar" is misleading. By law, there are no "bars" in VA. To get an ABC license requires that an establishment also sell food. So, although almost every restaurant here sells alcohol, there are no bars per se.
    "To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them"
    - George Mason, American Statesman (1725-92)

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    I voted, it's still at 86% yes...
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    I voted yesterday, however I feel lucky. I carried at TGIF today, good lunch, and safety. What more could I ask for?
    "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."
    Thomas Jefferson

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