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How do you carry your Kel Tec P3AT 380?

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Thread: How do you carry your Kel Tec P3AT 380?

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    Ankle holster, and a OWB holster.

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    The other advantage to a pocket holster is that it disguises the shape of the pistol, making your concealed carry easier to pull off. It just looks like a wallet/phone/pda or something. I use a pocket holster with my PF-9; just a little larger but still pocket sized, yet it uses a more powerful round and mine has a laser.
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    With a pocket holster, you can learn to draw and fire fairly quick. You also get 1 extra round that you may need. ALso, (my main reason), You may only have a couple of seconds if the BG turns his head and is about to start shooting people.. racking that loud slide could cost the whole thing.

    By the way..if you dont have the pinky extension, it makes a huge difference in controlling that tiny thing and seems to make it easier on the hand. Good Luck...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fishshavers View Post
    desantis nemisis pocket holster
    Same here in my weakside back pocket.
    Have Fun and Shoot Straight !!

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    Another Desantis Nemesis user here. I picked up the P3AT for pocket carry in warmer weather with less cover garments. It is very easy to slip in the pocket. I prefer to carry one chambered (+1) due to the low capacity of the pistol. I also prefer the trigger to be covered, despite the heavy pull.

    After carrying pocket for a while I decided to pick up another Crossbreed since they make a Minituck for the P3AT. Wonderful! I have to make some clothing adjustments when I carry my XD SC IWB, but the P3AT is practically invisible with a t-shirt at 3 o'clock with the Minituck and can be put IWB in seconds.

    Break in was fun with that little pistol- I am glad I brought gloves to the range!

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    This holster works great for me. Inside the Waist holsters - Tagua Gun Leather | Gun Holsters, Leather Holsters, Pistol Holsters, Western Holsters, Shoulder Holsters, Glock Holsters.

    It doesn't show in the pictures but there is a belt clip on one side.

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    I carry my P-3AT with ArmaLaser 24/7/365.

    This way 98% of the time - SmartCarry: SmartCarry

    This way 2% of the time - Grandfather Oak Kydex: Grandfather Oak

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    Either with the clip, at 2 o'clock or with the Fobus paddle at 4 o.clock

    The clip at 2 is the stealthiest....but the paddle at 4 is the most comfortable....both can be warn with only a t-shirt easily.


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    My KT .380 is carried in an Uncle Mike's pocket holster, usually in my RF pants pocket. It is readily available, and a hand in the pocket is a normal stance, so I can have my hand on the grip if my "alarm" goes off without looking like I am about to draw a firearm.
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    I pocket carry in a Desantis Superfly.

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    I use the KelTec made belt clip - it works!
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    I carry my P32 with the factory made belt clip either IWB or in my right front pocket.
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    RH front pocket in an uncle mikes #2. I carry a PF9 same place in a #3. Both work well and are concealed especially the P3at.

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