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This is a discussion on CCW at the Gym within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I don't go to a gym any longer (got weights and stuff in the basement), but I would absolutely carry if I went. I would ...

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Thread: CCW at the Gym

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    I don't go to a gym any longer (got weights and stuff in the basement), but I would absolutely carry if I went. I would usually go late at night (between 10 and midnight), and sometimes I'd be the only one there or a group of guys who looked pretty shady would come in. I didn't enjoy being there when they would show up.

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    it's gonna get real nasty in the steam rooms....

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    Have you thought about one of the 5.11 tactical undershirts? I have one and while mine does bounce a little in it, I don't feel it'd be noticeable as long as you wore a loose outer shirt.

    The only thing is, if you have a smaller firearm you may need to do some sewing, otherwise your gun is going to slip down in the pocket and you'll have to fish it out. The shirt would become a one-use item.
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    Or.........You could just ask the management what they think. I carried at our local Powerhouse, but left the gun and car keys at the counter with the manager. That way I had it while I traveled and didn't leave it in the car or a locker to be possibly stolen. I realize someone could come in with guns blazing...however that seems a little more unlikely at a gym vs other businesses i.e. banks, stores etc. Not saying that monsters don't hide behind trees...they just don't hide behind every tree.
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    I usually dont go to the gym, I have a home gym that I use. But when I run or find myself going to the gym with friends (pretty rare) I carry in my Camelbak. Some might say I look awkward walking around with a pack on my back, but when I do things like bench press, I take it off and lay it beside me. I mean, your not going to be lifting a few hundred pounds one handed so you have a free hand to pull a weapon. I like to drink out of my camelbak too, have a change of cloths maybe, or even things like tape or MP3 player. All this goes inside my Camelbak at the gym or on the trail, an nobody has ever looked at me differently. Think about it.

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    I lock my weapon in a safe in my truck when at the gym.
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    I pretend it is 1986 and go the fanny pack route at the gym. I may look like an idiot, but it lets me keep the gun, my wallet, phone, and keys on me. I've ripped off in a locker room before, so I try not to leave anything in them now.
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