Weapon Mounted Light while ccw

Weapon Mounted Light while ccw

This is a discussion on Weapon Mounted Light while ccw within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm thinking about picking up a TLR-3 for my XD9sc that I use as my EDC. How many of you have a weapon mounted light ...

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Thread: Weapon Mounted Light while ccw

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    Member Array reyno2ac's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
    Oak Park, MI

    Weapon Mounted Light while ccw

    I'm thinking about picking up a TLR-3 for my XD9sc that I use as my EDC.

    How many of you have a weapon mounted light for your EDC gun?

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    Senior Member Array usmc3169's Avatar
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    Oct 2008
    not when CCW, then I carry a small flashlight in my weak side pocket.
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    Senior Member Array Grant48's Avatar
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    Too bulky.

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    VIP Member Array wmhawth's Avatar
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    Western Colorado
    How many of you have a weapon mounted light for your EDC gun?
    I do not. If I have need of a flashlight I pocket carry a Surefire G2.

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    VIP Member Array 9MMare's Avatar
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    Aug 2009
    Outside Seattle, WA
    No, but I have a laser. I dont want one for my carry gun.

    For home defense however, I currently have a small tactical flashlight right next to my gun at nite. After 2 especially informative threads on THR, I have changed my mind and plan to get a rail-mounted light for my gun...at home.

    The essence of the 2 threads: BOTH is best (but I was convinced that the gun-mounted light was the better choice in most situations). So I will keep my handheld light too.
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    Ex Member Array BikerRN's Avatar
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    Unless I have identified the threat I prefer the light off my gun.

    My longarms have weapon mounted lights, my handguns do not. I carry a Surefire E2E on my offside.


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    Distinguished Member Array ep1953's Avatar
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    Kodak TN
    I carry a Surefire LED flashlight in my weak side pocket.

    I used it all the time for lots of things but will certainly be glad it's there if I ever have to draw my gun.

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    If I am carrying my HK45 in the CCW compartment of my Maxpedition bag (when I'm out shooting pictures, since I use the bag for my camera stuff), I'll leave the light on it - it helps keep the gun upright in the compartment.

    Other than that, it's a light in the off-side pocket.

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    Member Array ArmdDadof4's Avatar
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    Flash light in weak side pocket along with OC spray. I don't have a gun holder(IWB or OWB), that will support weapon mounted lights as of yet..
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    Member Array hdawson's Avatar
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    North Carolina


    I voted no. However, I do have a Crimson Trace laser on my Kahr CW9 which is my carry weapon. Very concealable in my Mitch Rosen holster.

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    Member Array PileDriver73's Avatar
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    Aug 2008
    Separate flashlight.

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    Member Array Shotdown's Avatar
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    Nov 2007
    Las Vegas
    I carry both a handheld and weapon mounted light. If my gun is coming out of my holster, then it's because my life is in danger. A weapon mounted light will help keep your support hand free. However, I do agree in having a pocket light too. Therefore, I voted for both.

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    Distinguished Member Array Agave's Avatar
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    Surefire E1B goes in my weakside pocket these days.
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    No gun mounted white light for me, though I do have and sometimes carry a Surefire ‘BackUp’ when I remember to grab it. Over time I get lazy and just don’t bother with my original precept of close encounters. However, I always carry my Kimber PepperBlaster since it’s my preferred method of initial defense. In fact, it’s in my housecoat pocket right now. If a BG whips out a gun or similar, then I’ll match it but I really hate a lot of paperwork.
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    I have no idea why a laser has anything to do with flashlights; they are two very different tools used for very different tasks. One does not replace the other, and a light is far more useful and important.

    Anyway, as much as I like WML's, you won't find one on my carry gun. IMO, its just impractical to have one on what supposed to be a compact lightweight carry package.

    A separate light? Yes. Of course. That is a far more useful tool to carry.
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