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This is a discussion on NRA self defense insurance within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by OldVet I don't recall what "self-defense" insurance is with the NRA, but as a member of that organization, I've had my fill ...

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Thread: NRA self defense insurance

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    I don't recall what "self-defense" insurance is with the NRA, but as a member of that organization, I've had my fill of their "deals" and "benefits." I belonged to the NRA back in the '70s and quit. I rejoined in July 2009 and within a month remembered why I left the first time. Before I received my first magazine, they were send me "membership renewal" mailings. There's an endless stream of NRA junk mail from them, and they have the nerve to ask me to use my stamps to save them money to fight for gun rights." They'd have plenty of money to fight with if they'd cease sending out the "donation" crap.

    While I respect what the NRA is fighting for, there needs to be an overhaul in that organization.
    Yes, but you do realize that 1 phone call eliminates all that right...I was the same way...I joined also last year(for the first time) the reason id not joined...well I just dont know but im sure back then I had them...I started getting bombarded with junk...DVD's that were not wanted and one of the guys that are a NRA member said call them and tell them to stop sending unwanted stuff. Know what I did just that..other than a questionnaire last November ive gotten nothing but the magazine and a renewal notice(yeah it was still 5 months early but I just circular filed it). I just got a deal from a life member where I got 2 year membership extension for $25 and signed my kid up also for the junior program...All ive gotten in the last 7 months was the magazine and a questionnaire..thats it..

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    Great info here. I had been wondering about this for awhile but never really took the time to look into it. Now after seeing this thread, I will be having a chat with the boss tonight when she gets home. I like the idea and the quality of service I see from Armed Citizens and I see they have a family plan at $135. Looks like a pretty good deal...
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    Depends on what kind of insurance is offered: for criminal defense and paying legal fees, or liability for civil suits. I have 2 million liability from my home and car insurer, an umbrella policy, which extends all liability coverage for either car or home by 2 million. An SD shooting would be covered (as part of homeowners I believe) - as long as you were not guilty of murder, manslaughter etc. - in any civil suit. My yearly premium is $150. State Farm is my company. (And they state they cover shootings on the street, not just on your property)

    As far as legal fees for legal costs in a criminal proceeding: there's the type of "legal-protection" insurance others have mentioned. Like DWI insurance. Some think this kind of thing is a rip off, since you are not paying year after year for any actual legal representation, but for the possibility of some IF you ever need it. The statistics being overwhelmingly against ever needing it, the legal group is receiving money regularly with only the slightest chance they will ever have to accrue any costs.

    I would look carefully at what you get if you ever need such a service from a group. How much will they cover, starting when, if you're found guilty what happens etc. What parts of the procedure will they cover, Grand Jury, collection of evidence, pre-trial motions etc, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Calley View Post
    But, unfortunately, they are the only real and effective game in town, which is why I am, and will always be, an NRA member.

    I've been holding off but finally decided address this point.

    First, I am a life member and closely track the NRA-ILA ::

    I'm not saying that you are wrong (about it being the game in your "town"). However, it doesn't need to be that way.

    Here, in Virginia, politicians at all levels (pro and anti RKBA) agree that the NRA does not have the influence that the local grass-roots Pro-RKBA organization has. Check out Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL)

    Also, the NRA has been a tag-a-long on issues such as the DC carry (Heller) fight and the NPS carry fight.

    No you are not wrong.

    Others in other localities are not wrong -- and that is too bad.

    But it doesn't need to be that way. Pro RKBA citizens don't need to accept and follow everything at face value, especially if it is cited in mainstream media and in an organization's self promotion publicity.

    I do not suggest that anyone abandon the NRA.

    However, please don't just sit back and accept that they are and must be the only game in town. Don't voluntarily acquiesce to a perceived authority -- especially if it is not effective or focused on your priorities.

    Seek out a grass-roots organization, locally. If there isn't one, start one. It doesn't need to start as a full-blown State-wide large membership deal. VCDL grew from a local Northern Virginia organization.

    Build it and they will come.
    Μολὼν λαβέ

    I'm just one root in a grassroots organization. No one should assume that I speak for the VCDL.

    I am neither an attorney-at-law nor I do play one on television or on the internet. No one should assumes my opinion is legal advice.

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    You can find insurance here also

    Quote Originally Posted by Bigpoppa48 View Post
    Concealed Handgun License Protection Plan(CHLPP is a legal services membership organization for concealed handgun licence/permit holders) Available in Fifty States.
    I am a member here. And you can get insurance when you become a member

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    I checked out several companies and settled on a company called CHL. It was about $40.00 / year cheaper and for the same coverage. As far as the NRA, I agree with most of the negative comments on here. However, if it were not for them, or should I say it's membership that supports them, we would not enjoy the 2nd amendment rights we were recently granted with CCW (save Illinois). IMO, the best no compromise gun organization is Gun Owners of America (GOA). The majority of your money goes to its intended purposes.

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