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Gun Storage at home

This is a discussion on Gun Storage at home within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I had the same decision to make a few months ago. I use the gunvault stored on a shelf in my closet with my M&P ...

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Thread: Gun Storage at home

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    I had the same decision to make a few months ago. I use the gunvault stored on a shelf in my closet with my M&P 40C loaded and 1 in the chamber. Easy for me to get to and keeps curious kids out.

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    Maybe I am the redneck wierdo, but IMO the only "safe" for guns in the house that works is diligently teaching the kids to be safe around guns. I have lots of kids in my house and never worry about them because they ALL know how to handle a firearm.

    That said, most everything I have is kept in the safe. My EDC stays on me until bedtime then goes by the bed. However, the HD shotgun is kept with a full mag and empty chamber, unlocked with the safety on, sitting on a rack in the bedroom. It's up high enough for small visitors to be unable to get to, but accessible to my wife or me in a hurry.

    My philosophy is that if I am going to need a firearm I am going to need it NOW. Not in 90 seconds when I can get it unlocked. So I can't keep them locked down like some people do. That to me means that my kids need to know guns inside and out. I train them by shooting with them, hunting with them, letting them help me clean and inspect my firearms, and continually and vigilantly teaching them the four rules.

    IMO that is the only path that works.
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    I have a large gun safe that in which weapons not slated for immediate use are stored unloaded.

    I have a small bedside safe that in which my backup weapon is stored, loaded and ready to go. I carry my standard carry weapon at all times, except when sleeping. During sleep time, my carry weapon goes -loaded- into the bedside safe, locked
    I carry at all times when awake, excepting area stated in law that are prohibited. I have a trunk mounted safe for use when I go to those places.

    So, my weapons are either locked up, or carried. No in between. I would suggest that as soon as practicable, begin to familarize your children with safe firearm useage.
    It may take some compromises on your part. Yes, I own a pink 22 rifle that my daughter shoots. A pink gun, if that's not a compromise, I don't know what is.

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    Safes And RSC's, An Overview - TheHighRoad.US

    This is one of the best articles I have ever read WRT gun storage at home

    FWIW rsc bolted into a clostet

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    I keep my guns that I'm not carrying locked up. But my carry gun is with me at all times. When I'm asleep it's right beside me.
    As for kids......yes you have to be extra cautious but as posted above, training a child to respect and knowledge of firearms to #1. When I was growing up as a child my dad kept his guns in a drawer with no lock whatsoever. I knew they were there but I also had been raised to respect them and had full knowledge of their purpose. I also was taken out to the range to shoot as a child.
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    do the " Gunvault" line of safes have a burn memory ??

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    For HD/SD I use 3 V-Line gun vaults, all others are in my main safe:

    Long Gun vault under the bed with my Benelli M1S90, Top Draw in the nightstand with my SIG, and a Hideaway in the downstairs closet for my CCW pistol,

    The V-Lines use a 5 button simplex lock and I’ve set the combinations on mine to be the same. It takes all of about 3 seconds to open one.

    V-Line Industries Security Cases and Cabinets

    For those worried about speed, last month in our bi-monthly IDPA match we did a HD stage where you had to retrieve your pistol and spare magazine from one of the popular storage boxes. I was the safety officer for that stage and the average buzzer to shot time was about 3-4 seconds longer than the average shot from a holster time.

    That is going from hands by your sides, opening the vault, retrieving the pistol and making the first shot. All of the shooters were not familiar with the combination or the push button system.

    I’d also hate to think of the possibility of returning home to interrupt a burglary in progress and end up facing someone armed with one of my guns.

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    I have ...

    a Fire safe that i brought from walmart is a combo safe yea it may take a second one to get into it, but i have a 5 yrd and having a number pad was not in the card due to if she found it she would play with it and lock it out, but then i would have to use the key and rest it.
    IF you are looking for a good safe for just a hand gun i saw one today at walmart in the sporting stuff mainly in the gun isle, i saw a winchester gun safe use with a key...$24 IT look very well made..

    should be able to find it on the web site....

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    My guns are kept in my safe, except for the one I have on me.
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    I typically live alone unless I have someone over so security isn’t as important as when I had young kids. A quality gun safe is essential with children! More guns, means a bigger safe or strategic safes around the dwelling. I have an in-wall Phoenix safe but frankly, it’s too expensive for what little it holds.

    There is always something new at the gun shops and most of what I've seen is pretty darn good, so let your budget be your guide.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MinistrMalic View Post
    My philosophy is that if I am going to need a firearm I am going to need it NOW. Not in 90 seconds when I can get it unlocked. So I can't keep them locked down like some people do. That to me means that my kids need to know guns inside and out. I train them by shooting with them, hunting with them, letting them help me clean and inspect my firearms, and continually and vigilantly teaching them the four rules.

    IMO that is the only path that works.
    I'm with you on the training for the kids. My wife and I have shown our kids how to clear, load and unload our small collection (3 autos and 1 revolver) and the older ones have been shooting. One day the 6-yr-old will, too. There are cousins and friends who are around from time to time, so everything but the EDC is always locked up. For us, that's the most responsible way. YMMV
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    Quote Originally Posted by seaaircapt View Post
    Ladies and Gentleman,

    Good afternoon. I am curious how you folks secure your weapon at home so that it is out of reach of kids / unauthorized persons. I want to be safe and do this the right way. I have a daughter who is my world (to protect her and my wife is why I feel the need to be armed). Do you guys use a cable lock and a keypad lock box, or a safe ?? Please share your ideas and yuor solutions to securing your weapon at home. What do LEO's do that have kids ??
    I'm in exactly the same position (little girls have a way of wrapping their daddy around their finger, don't they?)

    My brother-in-law is a LEO and based on his recommendation and online reviews, I went with the LockSAF My objectives were:

    - Easy to access
    - No combination that could ever be locked out from too many attempts, guessed, etc.

    The safe holds 10 fingerprints. My brother-in-law suggested programming it using 5 scans from the middle finger on each hand (or 4 on each hand and 2 for the wife.) That way, no matter how your finger is oriented, you won't have a problem later on. I followed his advice and I've opened it probably 50-60 times, no failures, each time within 3-5 seconds. We have dogs for alert, so I'm not concerned about the 3-5 seconds given the safety benefits.

    It also has holes so it can be bolted down.

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    Since I don't have children, and none are likely to enter my house, I use hide out
    methods rather than locks. I have cut out books, which look like purchased old library books, and also look exceedingly boring, to hold 2 of my guns, one near my recliner in the living room, one in my bedroom. I have a Oak wall clock in the entrance anteroom, that opens to reveal a hiding spot for a handgun and spare magazine (If I need to answer the door, and I do not know whose there, I take my Glock 30 from the clock and stick it in my pocket, hand in my pocket ready to draw if necessary- home invasion robberies do happen, and you can do a search of my post about an elderly friend who opened the door(not the screen door) to strangers claiming to have broken down needing a phone, and ended up nearly being a victim, along with his wife, of 2 of Virginia's most dangerous criminals (They did finally "get the point" of th legal system). You may enjoy reading the details.

    Should I have been fortunate enough to have children, then I would have gotten a few safes, with biometric sensors (finger prints, etc), and have them around the home, but covered. I want my family safe, from all threats, even if th danger happens to be my method of choice to protct them. If you use a shotgun for defense, you'll need some methos of securing it. Some have placed them in a closet on the wall over a door, but once they can get around, if it's not secured, them theres a problem.
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    I don't kid proof my guns, I gun proof my kid! My daughter has been arround guns since birth. She knows not to mess with them, but she know all she has to do is ask if she wants to. She knows to keep her friends away from them, if I forget to put them up when her friends come over. No they aren't safe from theft but I can't afford a safe. Even if I had a safe my defensive guns wouldn't be in it.
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    I have 3 kids, and they are curious. My 7 y.o. son has monthly safety and shooting time with dad. My 4 y.o. daughter has monthly safety training with dad. My 2 y.o. daughter is a little young yet.

    When my pistol is not on me, (very rare) it is in the safe bolted to the wall and floor of the closet. Long guns are locked up, except the shotgun attached to the under-side of the bed frame with Velcro. Completely out of sight, very fast access.
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