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This is a discussion on Gun Storage at home within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have no safe to put my guns in. Mine are loaded and placed in various locations within the house. I also dont have any ...

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Thread: Gun Storage at home

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    I have no safe to put my guns in. Mine are loaded and placed in various locations within the house. I also dont have any little rug rats to worry about and my 17 y/o boy is trained on all our firearms and knows full well all the safey procedures in handling them.

    I grew up with rifles and handguns in every nook and cranny in our house and not one of them was locked up. I had a healthy respect for each firearm in the house and I knew exactly the correct procedures to perform when handling them. I instilled this same attitude and training in my son and I don't have a worry he'll do something stupid with my firearms, with other stuff maybe but not with the firearms.

    Kids have an opportunity to do a lot of stupid things that can hurt themselves and/or others, it doesnt mean all will. Now when I have guests over to the house with kids, I place my guns out of sight and out of reach.

    That's my .02 cents

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    My long guns (in cases) are stored in the attic. 12g by the bed at night then up on closet shelf during day. G27 on me at all times. Then another pistola hidden upstairs.

    Dont have kids to worry about just yet (wife is 7 1/2 mos pregnant with our son). But this thread has definately got me thinking about securing my firearms in the next year.

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    I purchased an in-wall kit at the RK Gun Show last weekend that is child resistant. Link to their website is below.

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    All our kids are grown and moved out. The youngest is 37. But, I have my nieces and nephews kids visiting frequently, as well as grand and great grand children.

    For that reason, if it isn't on us, it's in a safe. Period. We have three gun safes. The big one in the basement that holds everything including all the hunting rifles that aren't in the other two. The guns in the big safe are all unloaded though we treat them like they were loaded.

    The bedside safe. Both guns in this safe are loaded ready to pick up and shoot. It has my wife's 6" CT grip equipped S&W 686 and a G19 with a TLR1 HL rail light. I unlock it when I go to bed, close it when I get up. Neither of those guns is in a holster.

    The carry safe. Every gun in this safe is always loaded ready to pick up and shoot. It's in my closet. Every gun in it is in a DeSantis pocket holster. The holsters are to prevent handling accidents. The P238 has a safety so it wouldn't need one but for the sake of consistency it has one anyway. In the winter it holds a G26, G19, P238, and an LCP. In the summer it holds an XDs .45, G26, P238, and an LCP. I put one of them on when I get dressed. I return it when I go to bed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seaaircapt View Post
    Ladies and Gentleman,

    Good afternoon. I am curious how you folks secure your weapon at home so that it is out of reach of kids / unauthorized persons. I want to be safe and do this the right way. I have a daughter who is my world (to protect her and my wife is why I feel the need to be armed). Do you guys use a cable lock and a keypad lock box, or a safe ?? Please share your ideas and yuor solutions to securing your weapon at home. What do LEO's do that have kids ??
    I carry my gun all the time when at home. When I go to sleep, my gun is on a bookshelf next to my bed. If I ever have to lock up my gun at home, I have a secure lock box. My kids are all teenagers and have been instructed in gun safety. They know that can handle the gun only with my permission and supervision.

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    I don't have kids (yet) so I keep some of my guns in a gun locker bolted to the wall in an upstairs closet behind a bunch of clothes. These are my safe queens and they rarely come out.

    If someone really wants them, they'll get them. This locker just keeps honest folks honest.

    In my closet in my room there is cabinet with a false bottom that houses my 12ga.

    Downstairs there is a pistol in one of those book safe thingys.

    The only "unsecured" firearm in the house is my wife's Bersa in the nightstand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mark918 View Post
    I purchased an in-wall kit at the RK Gun Show last weekend that is child resistant. Link to their website is below.
    Have you installed that kit yet? I'd like to know what you think about it.

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    When I have to childproof or visitor proof the house all firearms are in the safe except the one I am carrying. Otherwise they are within reach around the home.

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    I have 3 handguns handy. I live alone. The rest of my guns are locked in a safe. If you want to steal my guns you'll have to get past me with my 36R first.
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    Other than my joking comment in an earlier thread about using a one gallon zip lock while in the shower, my carry is on me, within easy reach or under my pillow at night. For the others, I use a small safe, with enough space and shelving to store my two long guns, other pistols, important documents, my more expensive SD ammo and spare mags. As it's not as big and heavy as I would have liked to have had, last week I finally got around to drilling the holes in the slab and setting anchors into the concrete.
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