Steel vs Alloy frame for CCW?

Steel vs Alloy frame for CCW?

This is a discussion on Steel vs Alloy frame for CCW? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This question is targeted to those who have carried for years. So I have read many threads about how a full steel gun can get ...

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Thread: Steel vs Alloy frame for CCW?

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    Steel vs Alloy frame for CCW?

    This question is targeted to those who have carried for years.
    So I have read many threads about how a full steel gun can get heavy when carrying all day. Many switch to an alloy framed model for this. This is well understood but I wonder if it makes a difference in what you do when you carry? Or how long you actually carry? I wonder if the people who switch are like LEO's who carry all day.

    I generally work from home and sometimes don't even start my car for days. I dress as I like, usually some light loose stretchy shorts and a T shirt. My pistol safe is 5 feet behind me. My gun is either there on top or on a desk next to me. If I walk out of the apartment I put it in my pocket (P 238) Whenever I go out if it is legal I am armed IWB 4:00.

    So when I go out it is normal Dad/friend/husband errands and never a full day of anything really.
    My next pistol will be a 1911 of less than a 5 inch barrel.

    I am 6' 2" 350lbs, f you had my life/schedule would an alloy vs stainless frame be a big deal?

    Thank you all for the great replies I know I will get.


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    Not every weapon is for every occasion. You should not suffer to CCW.
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    I hope to learn more here. So far I have lumped all 'all-metal' semi-autos into the same category...heavier, yet less recoil, and generally better quality.
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    I have steel frames, alloy frames, polymer frames. I've got revolvers (small light, and large heavy) as well as semi autos (large and small). If you're home most of the time size and weight don't really matter much. If you wear loose stretchy shorts and pants a lot, a small light frame for pocket or IWB carry will make a difference in you not ending up "pants on the ground, pants on the ground, looking like a fool with your pants on the ground."

    When I wear my lounge pants or gym shorts around the house and yard, an alloy S&W snubbie is the ticket. When I pocket carry in dress pants, the poly framed Taurus PT709 9mm is a great choice. If I'm in the truck driving for hours on a trip and need a gun in arms reach in the cab without digging my IWB or pocket CC weapon out from a seated position, then I drop a large frame 357 revolver or large semi-auto in the console. Size and weight don't matter for car or home defense.
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    There is something about a well built 5" Stainless Steel Pistol that you will appreciate.

    I carry several guns most are polymer frames of all sizes. Yes they are much lighter.

    If you are not going to move around too much though, a 45 ACP Stainless 1911 is my choice. A well made full size 1911 has balance and weight to compensate for recoil. Most are just a joy to shoot.

    My preference is Kimber, Les Baer Custom or Wilson.

    Just my opinion.
    If you understand, things are just as they are... If you do not understand, things are just as they are....
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    I weigh 250#. What the heck is another six ounces?
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    I have steel, alloy and polymer pistols. The alloy and polymer are around 25oz-27oz and the steel are around 34oz. I can definitely tell the weight difference and find the alloy/polymer more comfortable for carry, but I sometimes carry the steel. To me, the difference that weight has, with the semi-auto pistols I carry, on recoil is negligible. Weight on a revolver is a different story.

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    Anyone can learn to carry's an individual accomplishment.
    With the right rig, one can maintain comfort, and as someone else stated, what difference can a few ounces make if you have the right leather rig?
    With that said, I prefer to carry Glocks and Kimbers...
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    I work from home as well, and I'm usually in jeans and a sweatshirt. For me weight isn't an issue at all and I actually prefer something with a little more weight to it.
    My EDC is a steel K-frame revolver. If I have an occasion when I need to get dressed up more than normal I'll carry either my J-frame or my 1911. For deep concealment I use a Smart Carry with the steel J-frame, it also works well if I'm just lounging around in sweats.
    The weather here in MI can range from hot to cold and in between, even in the hot summer months I can carry the big revolvers under a T shirt. When I first starting carrying a year ago I was lucky and didn't have to change much in my wardrobe to conceal any of them, really the only thing I had to watch was the length of my cover shirt, and two shirts were all I had to give up.
    My main criteria for a carry gun is one I shoot well and is reliable, I shoot my revolvers better than the 1911 and they go bang every time.
    Disclaimer: The posts made by this member are only the members opinion, not a reflection on anyone else, nor the group, and should not be cause for anyone to get their undergarments wedged in an uncomfortable position.

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    For me and my busy day, the weight of my EDC is a huge issue. While the steel framed pistols and revolvers are nice range guns, for CC IMO they come in second. My EDC/CC pistols only needs to run like its range siblings, the slim and thin CC pistol is the way to go for all day CC IMO. I'm 6'2" and 230lbs and in fairly good physical shape, but 20+ ounces on my hip all day is uncomfortable plain and simple. I'll opt for the lighter and thinner CC pistol every time. If I know I'm heading into a bad part of town for a finite amount of time I'll gun up, but for my EDC I'll go the lighter thinner route. YMMV


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    I've got two 1911's: a Colt commander that I've had for 30+ years and a newer Kimber Ultra (with 3" barrel).

    While I shoot both, I carry the Kimber w/ its alloy frame. I find it much more comfortable to carry. And I know this is wierd, but I actually enjoy shooting the Kimber more than the Commander.
    Scott, US Army 1974-2004

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    I believe that most people who carry have several different firearms. Some people dress around their carry gun, I on the other hand just pick a carry that fits what I am wearing. I have been LEO for 16 years. Even being able to use a robust carry system (duty belt) the weight eventually gets to you. I have seen a trend lately with Officers going to lighter and smaller carry guns. With the hours spent inside the ever shrinking interior of patrol vehicles it is much more comfortable.

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    There is a proper tool for every job! You can make many things work but when you have the right tool - life is good. Personal choice based on knowledge, input and experience. You need the right tool for the job.
    "Being PARANOID is just plain smart thinking when they are really out to get you!"

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    I've carried steel framed as well as alloy framed guns. The difference in weight isn't that much. If you use a good quality carry rig (holster and belt), it shouldn't make a difference.
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    I carry all day. The weight isn't an issue for me. Sometimes size is, due to 3:00 carry.
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