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Is this the Industry Standard?

This is a discussion on Is this the Industry Standard? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; gun shops around here usually ask you to keep loaded hand guns holstered and long guns unloaded and in a case when you enter their ...

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Thread: Is this the Industry Standard?

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    gun shops around here usually ask you to keep loaded hand guns holstered and long guns unloaded and in a case when you enter their store.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Landor View Post
    I was working a gun show once. A guy approached me and said he was in a gun club that did monthly get togethers of meetings and shooting. He said I should give them a try. Later in the conversation he said they only allowed guns on the range and not in the meetings. I asked him why and he said no guns, no accidents. I then asked what about people with CPL's and he replied no guns at all. At that point I politely ended the conversation and went on my way. The hypocrisy was unbelievable. Concealed does mean concealed. Most of the time the signs are meant for people bringing in guns in their bags and cases but the left of center gun people are out there.
    My gun club was the same because they sold beer after the meetings to go with the 50cent hot dogs...
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    We have a fantastic gun shop here in Yuma. Their rule is based pretty much on common sense. See a holster you like, tell one of the workers you want to test fit, and head to the rest room. Of course, you don't enter the store with an uncased firearm in your hand, but that goes back to common sense.
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    I went to one of my local gun shops once looking for a new holster for the gun I was carrying that day. I asked the guy behind the counter if it was ok to pull my pistol out to try the new holsters for fit. He just said, make sure I unload it. So, without even a blink of an eye from this guy, I removed it from my waist holster, took out the mag and ejected the round from the chamber. I then cleared it, showed him and we started trying out several holsters. Once I was done, I re-inserted the mag but waited until I was outside to put my +1 back in the pipe.

    The other shop here in town, wants you to unload your firearm and have it verified at the front of the store before you go in and try holsters out or what not. That's their policy and I respect it, I just don't shop there. The other place is much more gun friendly and has outstanding customer service.

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    The gun shop I frequent does not ban CCing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wmhawth View Post
    This incident happened about a year ago in my town. It shouldn't happen but unfortunately it did. I believe there is now a "no loaded weapons" sign on the door.
    I don't understand that at all. I always check before handing a firearm to anyone, and I always check a firearm when I pick it up or it's handed to me. Even if whoever is handing it to me just checked it, I'll double check. Safety is important. The 2 seconds to check is a lot easier than a mistake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shjourdan View Post
    Is it standard practice in the firearm industry to not allow loaded weapons inside the gun store??
    All of the shops that I have been to in town has a "no loaded weapons sign".
    You figure they would be a little more gun friendly.
    In my opinion your question is being muddied because when you used the term "gun store" there are a few interpretations of that phrase.
    1.A literal "gun store" would in fact sell firearms and related accessories, ammo and so on.
    2.There are "gun shops" within big box retail businesses like Gander Mountain, Bass pro shops & so on.
    3.And finally,there are stores called "Gun shops & firing ranges". They sell firearms,ammo, accessories, and they have a firing range & gunsmith on hand. In addition the sales people are well informed about the products they sell. For myself when I say I'm going to the "range" this is the type of store I'm going to.

    So, I'm sure you can see that these 3 types of retail shops would have different policies regarding guns and ammo within their stores. And, as with everything in life common sense will serve you best. Attitudes are not well received well at any of these stores. If I have a problem with one of my guns before I go to the range I empty the gun and leave the breach open, put it in a locked container and put it in your range bag. When I get to the shop I explain to one of the sales men what the problem is, he then will likely ask if you brought the gun with you. From that point on just let him tell you what to do and you should be in good shape.

    As some have pointed out the signs are there for many purposes and I'm sure the shop owners see it as a PITA, but they have to comply.

    Just act as if you were going into the grocery store when it comes to your CPL. Another thing that will help is to spend enough time there so they know you and your habits. "common sense & no attitude" is as concise as I can say it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MadMac View Post
    This issue has been hashed out here quite a bit.

    When I first started to cc about a year ago, I was very confused.

    Here's what I learned: concealed is concealed.

    That sign is for any guns you are bringing in for returns, repair, valuation, trades, etc.

    Personally, I just go in and do my business. You don't announce your ccw, and go about your business. Don't ask. Don't tell.

    If I want my ccw-of-the-day repaired or need to get it out, I unload it before entering the store.
    Thats my feeling too
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    Quote Originally Posted by sixball View Post
    These are the people who should know a responsible gun owner is not the one you need to be concerned about.
    I can see some criminal, ha we can't go in this place its a no gun zone.
    The rule at the gun store/range I go to is: if it's loaded, keep it concealed. I don't have a problem with that.

    Sixball - As for "responsible gun owners". I was at the range today and had a guy two stalls down who had a laser on his 45. Well that laser was crossing all over the range and right in front of me. I finally had to tell him to keep his muzzle pointed downrange. Not everyone who goes through the process of obtaining a concealed permit and owns a gun is necessarily responsible. Just my opinion.
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    Signs on the doors and everybody asks and inspects and looks, with no offense intended or taken because of mistakes that have been made. They ask me. I say that I think so but am not sure, so let's look. See? Okay. No problem.

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    Mine says no loaded guns in store, you enter the store to get to the inside range. It's also the place I've done my renewal the last couple of times. It's their house and they make the rules !

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