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When to broach the subject when dating?

This is a discussion on When to broach the subject when dating? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; First date: That IS a gun in my pocket and I am also happy to see you.....

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Thread: When to broach the subject when dating?

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    First date:

    That IS a gun in my pocket and I am also happy to see you..

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    I like to know before a Date if they have a secret they need to tell me I don't wanta find out on the Jerry Springer show they were born a man and are still carrying concealed
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    She asks, "Is that a gun or are you just glad to see me?"
    You reply, "Yes!"
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    I wouldnt bring it up at all. Not sure why you would. It's CC. I wouldnt expect it nor would I have before I got my gun.

    However, if you enjoy shooting or hunting as a sport, I would discuss that as a normal part of getting-to-know-each-other conversation. That will give you some idea of where she stands.

    Then just take it as it comes...if she hugs you and feels it....address any questions, if any. Again, you'll find out where she stands.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NC Bullseye View Post
    The best time?

    When she asks if you carry "protection" of course!

    high five! lol
    Fortune favors the bold.

    Freedom doesn't mean safe, it means free.

    The thing about "defense" is that it has practically nothing to do with guns. (As passed on by CCW9MM)

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    I would think that this is one of the advantages of having several shooting pictures up on a facebook or myspace account. Add them as a friend and they WILL go through your pictures. When talking about politics state that you are a second amendment supporter and believe that it is your responsibility to maintain the safety of yourself and your family as a citizen.

    (pictures like this help)
    To those that paid for my freedom,

    As with all statements I've made and All that I will make, please check your local laws to verify accuracy. (and if i'm wrong let me know as I like to be right in the future) After all I'm just some goofball posting on an internet forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fastk9dad View Post
    What if she figures it out in the middle of a crowed restaurant and then freaks out in public.

    That might make things uncomfortable.
    then you know for sure she is not a keeper. throw her back in. keep fishing.
    An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject.

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    Preferably before dropping trou in her living room, but that's just me.

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    Love is strange and powerful (sucks sometimes too, but you cannot control it)
    I am betting there are many happily married gun owners who's wife does not like them. When it happens it happens.
    I am 46 and have never seen a public display of outrage/fear because someone just now realized the person they are with is carrying a weapon. I have heard 3rd party accounts of people fearing strangers with a gun, but never there partner at the moment.

    If you fear that you could never meet any of your friends friends without asking if they are pro gun first....


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    Well, it doesn't matter if she likes them or not, but are they going to be accepting of it or not. Big difference. I have friends that don't like guns but do believe in the 2nd A. and don't think those that carry are crazy/paranoid and are at any moment going to shoot up the place.

    But take a person whom you've known for maybe 1hr, who is possibly anti, might not know anyone that even owns a gun discovering yours on our hip... it might be a big shock. Who knows how they might react.

    "Oh my god, you have a gu...?"
    "No, not a guh, a gun."

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    I didn't have my CCP when I met my wife. Early on, guns were a heated fight, as she couldn't even talk about guns. Nothing, no gun topics ever. We dated for 2 years, had a 10 month break, got back together, then I married her a year after the break-up.. Durning all that time, I continued to go about my regular firearm filled activities, not pressuring her or trying to convince her of anything one way or the other.

    Now current day. The woman who declared that she would never allow a gun in her home bought me an XD40sc for Christmas, a Supertuck holster for my birthday, and had no problem with me getting my CCP. Her only stipulation was that I do not OC in public when she is with me unitl I get my CCP.

    How's that for a (used to be) super anti-gun freak? I don't agree with just simply dumping a chick who goes ape-***** on gun topics.. If there's other aspects that you love about the girtl, explore them. Overtime she can change, you can change..

    I love my wife, and glad I stuck with her even though I got my face chewed off anytime I brought up guns around her back when we first started dating.

    PS.. We just bought a house with an unfinished basement.. I've her about 80% convinced on letting me build a safe room stocked with goodies.. :)
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    I just started talking/dating a new girl and she was over a couple nights ago. I had my XD sitting on the end table next to me and she asked if I was cleaning it or something along those lines. I explained that it's either next to me or on me while I'm awake. She asked why, I explained, and end of story. She didn't seem weird and it helps her dad is a cop.

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    I am obsessive about keeping my carry a secret. Not sure how I would handle the dating scene, but I would be inclined to make sure the person was a serious interest before letting them know I carry. I understand secrecy is a difficult problem for single people getting to know each other.

    If a dating woman looks down the road, she has to wonder about a stalker situation. If that develops, she would not want her stalker to know she is proficient with a gun.

    If a dating man looks down the road to a woman scorned situation. She might try to cause trouble using the new boy friend. Again, your tactical advantage is they do not know you carry.

    Hard problem. No easy answer.

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    When I asking the "getting to know you" question before deciding to ask her out. If she doesn't like shooting I'm not asking her out.
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    I keep it a secret. If they hug me and feel it, but don't ask, I don't say anything. If they ask if it's a gun, I say yes. If they freak out, I don't care...I'm done with them. One of my first dates with my current girlfriend was going deer hunting together...that cleared any uneasiness about guns right up!

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