Why I left my P3at with my daughter.

This is a discussion on Why I left my P3at with my daughter. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hugo, Oklahoma From Ardmore’s KXII.com of May 19, 2006 Elderly Woman Shoots Male Intruder An 81-year-old woman says she shot a man who was breaking ...

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Thread: Why I left my P3at with my daughter.

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    Why I left my P3at with my daughter.

    Hugo, Oklahoma

    From Ardmore’s KXII.com of May 19, 2006

    Elderly Woman Shoots Male Intruder

    An 81-year-old woman says she shot a man who was breaking into her home Thursday night, and now deputies in Choctaw County are looking for the two suspects. It happened around 6 p.m. just a few miles north of Hugo.

    Deputies are not releasing the woman’s name, but say she was home alone when two intruders broke in. She shot one of them, but they both managed to get away.

    Authorities do not have much to go one, but they do know both intruders were male, between the ages of 18 and 30. The woman did not suffer any injuries.

    source link is http://www.kxii.com/news/headlines/2835651.html

    This happened about 2 miles from my stepdads farm out there on the same road . My sources down there state that she had one of the suspects knock on the door about 10 am and state he was looking for a dog, she told him she had not seen it , later about noon he came back wanting a drink of water and she directed him to the hydrant in the yard and told him he didnt need to be hanging around her place. She by this time had become concerned about this stranger on foot around her place and armed herself with a .25 auto ( make unknown to me ) . Later yet in the day the guy came back with another male and knocked on the door once again , , she looked out the door and saw that one of them had a roll of duct tape " on his belt " so she did not answer the door, whereuppon they began kicking the door in an apparent attempt to break it down so she went postal on them firing the .25 empty thro the door , they ran while she retrived a .22 rifle from the bedroom and went out on the porch , getting a couple more shots off at them . ( i am not going to argue the right or wrong of this considering her age and the squirllyness of the suspects ) She told the responding deputy that she thought she had hit one of them but was not shure.

    All i can say is YOU GO GRANDMA because she dammed shure isnt one of the LOL
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    I live in a fairly rural area. I have neighbors but they are not right next door. Anyway, I usually have a handgun (though something a little bigger than a .25) fairly close by simply for situations like this. The Sheriff is a long ride away if needed.
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    I am semi rural and in not too bad of an area but the old adage - ''anytime, anywhere'' still holds good for me. In fact in some instances I daresay totaslly rural could be the most at risk - and certainly IMO necessary for all folks to have a weapon immediately at hand - on the body best of all.

    Glad she had something at least - even if such small cal. With no weapon she could well have been written up in the obit's.
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    Good for her. I'm guessing if they have any sense at all, they won't be returning to a house where the resident is willing to shoot at you as long as she can see you. Sounds like she was wise enough not to let them in the first two times. The other guy was probably hiding nearby.

    Good job! Those wolves won't be back to her house.
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    Good for her! I live in a rural area, too, and it's a little unsettling when a stranger comes around. I carry inside & outside the house. Good thing, too, because a few days ago I was out in the back garden when 2 strange men pulled in my driveway. Rough-looking, with an out-of-state accent. I felt a lot more comfortable knowing I was armed. They were apparently just running a scam on sealing driveways, but for all I know they were casing the joint. The first comment above the barking of my 3 dogs was, "You've got watchdogs, huh?" I felt like saying, "Buddy, those dogs are the least of your problems."

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    This may cause me some greif but if anyone initiates hostile contact like that with me on my property they better haul butt out,if they still can, as fast as they can.

    As things are right now there would be slim chance a shriff's deputy could arrive in the area fast enough to catch them. Also I will assume as long as they are ambulatory they can cause me harm until a LEO is on the scene.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redneck Repairs
    ...so she went postal on them firing the .25 empty thro the door , they ran while she retrived a .22 rifle from the bedroom and went out on the porch , getting a couple more shots off at them
    I would pay good money to have seen this

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