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Red Cross carry?

This is a discussion on Red Cross carry? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The Red Cross is not a government agency it's a a 501(c) org...

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Thread: Red Cross carry?

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    The Red Cross is not a government agency it's a a 501(c) org
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    I gave blood the other week at the hospital and in SC you can't carry in medical buildings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Teufelhunde View Post
    I am not a lawyer, nor did I play one on TV. Matter of fact, I didn't stay at the Holiday Inn last night either, but the Red Cross is a private charity, it is in no way, shape or form a part of the federal government.



    That was good.

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    If it was a Government Organization you would not have to donate blood, they would just take it.
    Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around laws. Plato

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevew View Post
    If it was a Government Organization you would not have to donate blood, they would just take it.
    Sputtered so bad when I read this that I scared the dog. Great line!
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    Quote Originally Posted by muzzleloader View Post
    Red Cross facility a "federal building"?
    Red Cross is a non-profit organization, unrelated to the Feds and their predilection for disarming victims.

    One nurse wanted my shirt off but I explained it was a little chilly. What's everyone think?
    That's about what I do. One need only wear a short-sleeved shirt on such days.

    The one wrinkle is the short-term effect from blood loss. What I typically do is make the appointment at the end of the day, then wait 1hr in my car after the appointment until things get back to normal. That, or have someone drive me. Either way, minor adjustment allows both to coexist ... and nobody's offended.

    As to whether your state's statutes disallow carry in medical clinics, hospitals or other medically-related facilities (ie, BloodMobile vehicles), I don't know.

    As to whether your community's DA would consider having blood drawn as "being under the influence" of something, that'll depend on your DA as well.
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    I tried to donate once while OCing. They politely asked me to take it back to my car because they had an LEO once get disoriented during a donation and draw his gun.

    That sounds like complete bullscat to me but whatever.
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    For a building to be prohibited as a 'federal facility', it must be conspicuously posted. Like this (posted by someone on a different board):

    It's always a good idea to be on the lookout for signs anyhow, whether your state law directly penalizes you for violating them or not.
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