1 EDC or do you rotate?

1 EDC or do you rotate?

This is a discussion on 1 EDC or do you rotate? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've just kind of been wondering. Do you have one primary carry that you carry the majority of the time or do you have multiple ...

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Thread: 1 EDC or do you rotate?

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    1 EDC or do you rotate?

    I've just kind of been wondering. Do you have one primary carry that you carry the majority of the time or do you have multiple guns in a "carry rotation"?

    Another question. If you have a single primary carry is that gun also your "nightstand" gun?
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    Just one. One sight alignment, one trigger, one recoil.
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    Most people on this forum dress around their gun. I carry whatever gun fits my dress. In the fall and winter when I wear a sweater, I carry a Kahr PM9 with Crimson Trace. In the spring or summer, I used to carry a Seecamp 32, but have upgraded to a Kahr P380 with Crimson Trace.

    My nightstand gun (GunVault) right now is a Glock 27. I just bought a Glock 19 with a Streamlight TLR-3. I will test it at the range this weekend and it will be my new nightstand gun.

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    I carry only one gun. I have changed that gun many times over the years to whatever one I feel more comfortable with, most accurate with, and holds the most ammo!

    I have three "nightstand" guns. A Remington 870 super mag with 00 Buck sits behind the nightstand. My EDC, XDm 40 on top of the nightstand. And my XD45 with flash light inside my nightstand. OH! and I have a XD9sc with light inside my wifes nightstand just in case someone gets by me.

    I aslo have weapons hidden through out the house.

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    I don't have a formal "rotation", but I have a range of guns that I carry depending on where I'm going, for how long, how I'm dressed, and to some small extent what I perceive the threat level to be.

    A few examples:
    - grocery shopping, evening commute time, busy store, pretty much in and out of the store, no empty/dark parking lots to negotiate - the .38 snub will be in the pocket.

    - walking the dogs, daytime in a family park area, compact 9 will be on my hip. Nighttime, probably a .45 1911.

    - on the hiking trails where open carry is OK, a Glock 23 on the belt.

    - absolute minimum carry when any sort of printing is unacceptable, a Kel-Tec .32 in a Nemesis is in the pocket, less bulky than my keyring and knife.

    In all these cases, spare ammo is on board in various quantities.

    All of these are refinements I've made over the years; back when I started out with just ONE gun I had that gun on me a lot!
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    Not "rotated" on a regular basis, but switched out according to dress. All are double action trigger pull -- no safety to disengage. Well, the H&K has one, but I carry it in DA mode.

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    Rotate. When one gets real funky, about three weeks, it gets in line for cleaning and I switch to a clean gun. It is less time consuming for me to clean several guns at a time.
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    As many others have said, dress does come into play but I tend to switch around between a few. My HK45 w/ TLR 2 light always stays at home for HD along with the Mossberg 590A1.
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    My G19 is my main carry and my nightstand gun. I keep it in my Serpa holster in the drawer. I have a Keltec P3at that I occasionally carry if the G19 will be hard to get away with. That's it. I have a .45 in the safe, and a .22 target pistol that I carry hiking some. Personally I'm cheap and if it ever goes bad I don't want to have to figure out which gun I have and how it works. Both the Glock and Keltec are point and squeeze. If I get another carry gun it will be another Glock, I want to keep the same platform to keep it simple. I don't get into the rotation business, it's bad for my bank account.

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    I usually rotate my P239 and G23 but I'm looking for something a little smaller for summer and dress carry. Possibly a P238 or a Kahr in 9mm or.380 cal. The G23 has night sights and a detachable Streamlight so that one usually stays on the night stand.
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    My plan is to have two options, depending on manner of dress: the G26 and PPK. Currently I carry the G26 all the time because I do not yet have an IWB holster for the PPK, but there have been times when I really wanted something thinner than the Glock.

    I wish I could just carry the G26 all the time, but it is really too thick for when I have to tuck. Without some kind of loose cover garment or coat, it sticks out like a sore thumb.
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    90% of the time I carry a Glock23
    5% Sig P220, 5% Sig P226
    NSG is what I carried that day.
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    Dress clothes, Walther PPS 9mm, IWB, and sometimes tucked (don't need a gun belt)
    Jeans, non-dress, SA XD45C, OWB (90% of the time), with good gun belt. My favorite.
    Pocket carry, heavy winter clothes, Ruger SP101
    Nightstand, ususallly the XD45C

    I've got three (3) 1911's that I like to shoot, and used to rotate, but as far as weigth/capacity, I'm settling on the XD/Walther combo.

    I don't mind switching platforms, as long as I practice, and I haven't "abandoned" the 1911's, it's just what I'm settling on, because I want to get some routine going. Was getting tired of making the decision of what to wear. The guns I shoot best are the ones I practice the most with, and with ammo expense being what it is, I'm going to be shooting the above 3 only for a while.

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    When at work (business casual) I carry a Taurus model 85 Ultralite in my pocket. The rest of the time I carry a S&W model 65 OWB. When it's hot out the Taurus gets almost all of the carry time

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    Ill rotate but not very often.
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