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"Handgun Dispute Roils Colorado State University"

This is a discussion on "Handgun Dispute Roils Colorado State University" within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by BigStick I understand that the education system is overwhelmingly liberal, but they are supposed to be educated and openminded right? Supposed to ...

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Thread: "Handgun Dispute Roils Colorado State University"

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigStick View Post
    I understand that the education system is overwhelmingly liberal, but they are supposed to be educated and openminded right? Supposed to evaluate and look at facts? So why is it on this one issue, the "educators" choose to stick their heads in the sand and think that the school rules will stop people who are planning on breaking all sorts of laws from coming on their campus??? They keep saying it will help to ban guns, and we need to dissarm everyone, and then the BGs keep shooting up the target rich environments without fear of being shot back at?

    It just doesn't make sense! Criminals don't follow the rules!!!
    It's been my experience when talking to a liberal that they believe everyone should be able to express their opinion as long as that opinion is the same as that held by the liberal.

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    Thanks for the inside update. I doubt that there is much anyone can do about it short of CSU suffering a HUGE loss in enrollment and transfers- ergo - no money from tuition's, specifically because of the new "No Guns on Campus" policy. That, I fear, is the only route left to give them a wake up call. gods forbid that they have a mass shooting now. That will just reinforce their resolve to ban weapons and will probably spend money on security and metal detectors, or at the very least, "Lighting rarely strikes twice." rather than lifting the ban.

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    If I were a "community organizer" I would appeal to the alumnae. Aside from the state, they are the biggest contributors to CSU...money talks.

    On the lawsuit front, I chatted with Dudley Brown from RMGO today and he was confident the ban would be lifted after he got done with them in court. That makes me feel a little better, but I'm sad the event hasn't gotten more press and that all of us pissed off gun owners haven't taken more of a visible stand. Showing up to a debate after the fact doesn't exactly force an overturn.
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    Policies are sometimes made because someone in the legal department uttered the words "potential liability." Any lawsuit from a grieving parent is going to be an expensive nightmare, and that's BEFORE a verdict is reached.
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