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CHL near by but not on me. Was I in trouble?

This is a discussion on CHL near by but not on me. Was I in trouble? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by OldVet Depends on how big of a jerk a LEO would want to be.. Exactly...I think if you were polite and just ...

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Thread: CHL near by but not on me. Was I in trouble?

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    Depends on how big of a jerk a LEO would want to be..

    Exactly...I think if you were polite and just explained it, they would see you're a stand up guy and understand this kind of thing inevitably happens to everyone at some point. I've left my wallet in a different pair of jeans a few times. I was nervous though without having it! They can also look up your license and see that you carry (I believe, right?)
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    Happy belated birthday!

    Around here, you could be in trouble if an officer wanted to strictly enforce the law but most of the coppers I know aren't that petty.
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    In Kentucky it's a non criminal offense with a $25 fine. But it's like all other fines, it's not the actual fine that gets you, it's the court cost and other things they have tacked on to tickets over the years. $20 for the Boy Scouts, $15 to the Sheriffs ranch, $20 to the battered spouse fund, $10 for drug awareness and it goes on and on. A $25 fine will cost you 100-150 bucks by the time they get done with you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    Depends on how big of a jerk a LEO would want to be. Most states say "in your possession" or something to that effect. Technically you weren't in possession, but since your friend was readlily available to produce "your" wallet with the license inside, I think you'd been okay.
    Not the brightest move considering, but pretty innocent all in all. You are licensed, after all. Not like some thug packing.
    Quote Originally Posted by Treo View Post
    You'd have to find the most anti cop in the world to get busted.

    In Colorado it's the same as a no insurance ticket, you show up in court W/ a CHP that predates the ticket & they throw out the case.


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    Michigan says you must be "In possession" of the license when carrying. If caught without it is a civil infraction with up to $100 fine.
    However as I read it the officer can confiscate the pistol and the owner has 45 days to prove he had a valid CPL at the time the gun was seized. After that time it can be destroyed. However if you at least have a DL or state ID and the officer is able to verify by L.E.I.N. that you do have a CPL the pistol is not confinscated. I think the verifacation is at the discretion of the officer. Catch him on bad day or fail to notify him you are carrying and he's taking the gun.

    Also, failure to notify, whether you have the license or not is a $500 fine and 6 month suspension of carry right. Second offense cost $1000 and loss of CPL privilage.

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    No harm done. You may have momentarily broken the law, but for it to be an issue then you would have to attract a LEO's attention, unlikely in the walk from the car to the theater.

    I think for a lot of us here, it is more likely that we'd forget our wallets than our CCWs. It happened to me once. I won't forget my wallet again!
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    happy beladed birthday

    and yes the law was momentarily broken. However unless you got a cop with a stick up his bum you would have most likely been ok even if you did get stopped.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ExactlyMyPoint View Post
    OK, you guys blew it. Yesterday was my birthday and not ONE happy birthday. I am crushed.

    But an interesting situation came up on my birthday night out. A group of us went to the movies. The theater has a deal that if you go on your exact birthday, you get in for free. You have to show some type of ID to prove that today is your birthday. We were running a bit late, so I dropped everyone off. I was driving, so I gave my lady friend my wallet so she could get me a free ticket showing my driver's license. As I parked the car and started walking to the theater I realized that my CHL was also in my wallet. Ooooops. Should something have happened, would I have been in heap big doo doo? My wallet was near by, but not on my person.
    If you have a permit and are carrying, shouldn't you already know the answer?

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    Welcome Fellow Oregonian

    Well, as most people have said, yes. You could have been in deep doo doo. Unlike other states where it is a mere "Civil Infraction" if you do not have your CHL on you in the State Of Oregon, it is considered defact-o proof that you do not have one. Technically, they can cite you for "Unlawful Possession of a Firearm" and you can technically have you license revoked and possibly even do time.

    However, again, it depends which cop stopped you and their attitude towards the Second Amendment. I would not take my chances in PDX. You might have better luck in Beaverton, Hillsboro, or the like.

    However, I personally think the whole thing is a crock of poo, when an officer runs your I.D. it comes up in LEDS/NCIC that you have a CHL. But whatever, I didn't write the law, I just have to follow it.


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