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Dang! Missed out on jury selection!

This is a discussion on Dang! Missed out on jury selection! within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was rejected for jury duty twice, despite my being a nice polite moderate tolerant open-minded nonjudgmental civilized guy, who was willing to listen to ...

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Thread: Dang! Missed out on jury selection!

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    I was rejected for jury duty twice, despite my being a nice polite moderate tolerant open-minded nonjudgmental civilized guy, who was willing to listen to the lying criminal ******** before I found them guilty.

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    Originally Posted by Hopyard
    Trusting decision making to folks randomly selected, who don't want to be there, who have an average IQ and no qualifications further beyond breathing, isn't wise.]

    I usually agree with my friend Hopyard, but not in this case. A jury of peers, or folks selected randomly with average IQ is the way the Constitution is set up as I understand it for trials.

    A lot of people with common farmer/rancher sense are in a much better shape to make a decision than the smart guys who nit pik, and let the BG off by reason of some minute imagined loophole. It is the "high IQ" lawyers who get the guilty off.

    That is the way I see it.


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    The one time I was called for jury duty, both lawyers asked questions and if it applied to us we were to raise our hand. Myself and the nice looking gentleman next to me only raised our hand once. The question was: are you a member of any fraternal org, like the Lion's club, Knight's of Columbus... the NRA...? We did not get picked. The crazy lady on the back row who raised her hand at every question and sometimes waved both arms was picked. Ain't life grand.

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    It's scary sometimes to hear what some jurors based thier decisions on. Sometimes it is a very obscure, minute, and seemingly irrelevent matter. I've never been asked to be on one and never sat before one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ep1953 View Post
    Well I certainly don't know all the laws but I would think that a convicted felon found with a firearm would be charged as a convicted felon in possession of a firearm.

    BUT the homeowner ILLEGALY had an evil handgun in his home. The DA says he must be charged and go to prison for having the handgun in his home. You are on the jury. How do you vote sir?
    As I stated, there may have been other charges settled previously (I don't know; I wasn't there for the actual trial). All I know is the trial was for illegal conceal weapon.

    As for the homeowner, the Supreme Court is hearing that very matter now. That's one reason we have appellate and higher courts, to right the injustices that our "elected" officials create.

    If all court verdits were decided on opinions only rather than evidence presented, we'd be in much sorrier shape than we're in now.
    The State must prove guilt beyond "reasonable doubt." All the defense has to do is create reasonable doubt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    reasonable doubt.
    That's the problem. For many Americans, logic and reason are a lost art.


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    Funny, I just got a letter in the mail last week for jury duty summons for march 15. Never had one before, so I'll just see what its all about.
    "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing"

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    I've been summoned for jury duty a few times, only got to serve once--on a drunk driving case.
    "None who have always been free can understand
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    to those who are not free."

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    I am grumpy, old and I have to got to the bathroom a lot. They don't want me.
    "Being PARANOID is just plain smart thinking when they are really out to get you!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnKelly View Post
    Jury Nullification has a valid place in certain criminal proceedings:

    Jury nullification - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Yes technically it is part of the law. The fact that few people know about it, and NO lawyers are going to mention it it their opening or closing statements does not change the fact that the law exisit.

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