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"Are You Packing Heat? Your Local Newspaper May be Planning to Out You"

This is a discussion on "Are You Packing Heat? Your Local Newspaper May be Planning to Out You" within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by bigdogtx Maybe you should put this outside his house. If he doesn't like guns, then it should be advertised.......

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Thread: "Are You Packing Heat? Your Local Newspaper May be Planning to Out You"

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigdogtx View Post
    Maybe you should put this outside his house. If he doesn't like guns, then it should be advertised....

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    Good thing for Texas that CHL records are not public and can only be gathered up FOR GOOD REASON by local law enforcement. Even local LE cannot just gather up a list according to state law. I would be upset if my name and info where put into public light. I hope that the state takes legal action and passes a law in Ohio to stop this. Concealed Carry is need to know and no one needs to know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peaceful View Post
    Use a little reverse pshychology on the paper. Check out that list of people and see if there've been any robberies or breakins under there name. I bet there hasn't. Work it against the paper, you can do it.
    It would take a little of work but I'm sure it could be done.
    1911 Sending the best"
    Very good and clever idea!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZ Husker View Post
    I'd like to see a similar list of all welfare recipients. They affect the public more than legal weapons carriers!
    I'd be interested to know how many of my affluent neighbors who don't like my Gadsden Flag hanging from my house are soaking up our tax dollars.

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    It's been tried here, and quietly stopped by the county government.

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    I'd Like To Post the Names,Address,County&Phone Numbers Of All The Newspaper Employee's See How They Like It..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trophyhunter View Post
    I'd Like To Post the Names,Address,County&Phone Numbers Of All The Newspaper Employee's See How They Like It..
    along with how many of them own big screen televisions, drive expensive cars and wear expensive jewelry...kind of a burglary hit list...

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    A newspaper here was going to do that, and the State Legislature quickly passed a law making all records "private" and any violations of that were a criminal offense. Any "official" who gives out these records, or even acknowledges someone has a license, can spend a few years behind bars.

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    Ostensibly, the publishing of CHL carrier data is done for purposes of government records transparency. What it really is, is divulging of security data on individuals in the most-upstanding end of the population. IMO, there is no valid reason for divulging such data except for specific criminal investigation cases by legitimate crime fighting organizations.

    Quote Originally Posted by evo View Post
    They tried to do this in Oregon too.

    The sheriffs send a letter to the permit holders asking them if they wanted their names on a public list or not.
    In Oregon, here's how I think it played out. At least, for this latest attempt to screw over upstanding carriers ...

    Back in 2007, the Mail Tribune in Oregon sued the Jackson County Sheriff in order to force publishing of the list of county concealed firearms license holders.

    In 2008, after appeals and other legal wrangling, the plaintiff prevailed and the judge in the case demanded Sheriff Winters hand over the information. As a result, the Sheriffs in the state banded together to send a message to the activist judges, loud and clear, that no such thing would be done. That's when the communication to the carriers occurred, asking if they wanted their own names published or withheld in future requests.

    My CHL is up for renewal soon. I'll ask about status and the specific steps I need to do with my Sheriff. Though, those steps could change the moment an anti-gunner Sheriff gets elected, of course. Until it's put into law by the legislature to deny such requests for information (except by state police and other crime fighting organizations on a name-by-name basis), it'll be open season on CHL carriers. Oh, for a statute with "teeth."

    It's amazing how empty, pointless and dangerous such requests for information are, by "news" entities. The real news would be if such groups could act honorably. That would be a complete revelation.
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    call him
    I would be going to my lawyer and news station to call him out.
    419-625-5500 Ext. 307, the guy who asked the sheriff for the names ages county and ADDRESSES of ccp holders.

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