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Those Who Can't CCW @ Work

This is a discussion on Those Who Can't CCW @ Work within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by chiefjason Paddle holster so I can remove it and lock it up. I prefer the have my handguns in holsters when they ...

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Thread: Those Who Can't CCW @ Work

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    Quote Originally Posted by chiefjason View Post
    Paddle holster so I can remove it and lock it up. I prefer the have my handguns in holsters when they are not on my body. I like the trigger protection. Can't ND it while reaching for it. I have other toys I carry at work.
    Ditto, paddle holster.
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    I work in surgery so no carrying at work for me. I leave the pistol and holster in my truck while at work. Holster in console and pistol locked in safe.
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    It is a violation of Federal law to try and bring it in to work. I could be fired for bringing it into the normal parking lot. State law allows me to leave it in my car for some outer lots if I choose. We have PLENTY of armed security here, so the only reason to carry is for the trip back and forth, and to have it available should I go somewhere before or after work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HahnsXD View Post
    I've heard you aren't suppose to wear crossbreeds/MTAC type holsters without the gun for long periods of time because it can break the Kydex...
    Never heard that one before.
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    No firearms allowed on the property.

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    I can't carry on company property or within the building, so I park off property.

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    Funny thing! I retired last year and was not allowed to carry on Company Property while I worked for the Company, but we were allowed to have our weapons locked up in our cars in the parking lot. Now that I don't work for them, I can carry on the Company Property. They cannot stop me as it's a Public Building and is placarded to "No Unlicensed Handguns Allowed on Company Property". But, it excludes Employees from carrying even if they have a CCW Permit. My former Co Workers get a kick out of me carrying when I stop in to say hi. I have to say my Boss was a little fearful I would go Postal on them right after I retired. But he got comfortable with it once I did it a few times. He eventually found it funny that I could and he couldn't.

    Back when I was working for them I kept my S&W 45 in a mounted holster in my Pickup. When I got to work I would remove my backup 380 Colt and lock it in the safe under the seat, but would keep its holster on my belt. One day I got tired of the cheapo cell phone holster I had to carry Company Phone in, so I used my little pistol holster as a phone holster. After a period of time I noticed some of my Co Workers had adopted the practice.

    It's commonplace there now.

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    Carry to work, lock it up in my truck when I get there. I'm pretty sure if I ask it will be against company policy, so I wont ask.

    I have had 2 holsters mailed to me here at work (I dont like when UPS leaves boxes on my front porch all day long). No one questioned me about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Foster View Post
    Carry to work, lock it up in my truck when I get there. I'm pretty sure if I ask it will be against company policy, so I wont ask.
    I do wear my empty Supertuck all day though. Reholster at lunch and after work.

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    holster comes off with the gun no matter what
    Wo die Notwehr aufhört, fängt der Mord an
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    To those of you who lock up your weapons in a car safe...... do you feel ok with a safe that only has a cable? Does anyone bolt or sheet metal screw theirs down to the floor? Thoughts?

    I'm not allowed to bring my weapon inside the building.
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    My company's policy is no firearms in the workplace, no firearms to be transported anywhere by an employee while that employee is conducting company business, and no firearms on 'the premises' which is explained to mean owned or leased properties including parking areas.

    The company conducts business in every state and in just about every country in the world, as well, but is headquartered in MA.
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    My ex employer is the only place I have ever seen a legal 30-06 sign. The parking lot was guarded so you could not even have your carry gun in the car. I sometimes honored that rule some times not. Retirement is wonderful!

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    I can't carry at work (Federal law), but our compound is on city property, so I can leave it in my car. I usually leave it in the glovebox, holster and all.

    Honestly, though, I don't usually take it with me to work because if I have to drive over to the other office, it's on Federal property so I can't even have the gun in my car (there is some exception to that rule, but generally it's a big no.)
    Knowing is half the battle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phigity View Post
    I carry to work, lock up when I get to work, and then carry again when I get off. For anyone that does this, do you wear your holster during the day with nothing in it or take it off? I do both but mostly b/c I was trying to break in my MTAC. Just curious if anyone wears a naked holster when they can't carry.
    Myself and my coworkers including the boss all carry concealed out of work but it's lock up or go home for at the job. Never asked about carrying just a holster nor do I think I need to ask just because of the fact that we work at the airport and even a holster may be "suspect". plus I've heard the kydex in the crossbreed may crack due to prolonged wear without a gun.

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