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Concealed Carry Pros (got a question for ya)

This is a discussion on Concealed Carry Pros (got a question for ya) within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by MattInFla With an IWB holster, the length of the pistol really isn't the limiting factor (within reason). It's more the length of ...

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Thread: Concealed Carry Pros (got a question for ya)

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattInFla View Post
    With an IWB holster, the length of the pistol really isn't the limiting factor (within reason). It's more the length of the grip.
    Bingo! ^^

    I run 1911s exclusively and have EDC'd every size slide length and frame/grip combination from full-size to CCO to the Colt Defender I was carrying today.
    Barrel length is not a limiting factor for carry, as within reason...6" Anacondas and other such non-combat hunting & competition type barrel length handguns excluded.

    The key for person to person concealment and comfort is the frame.
    Grip width as in relation to hand size and finger length (so as to be able to reach the trigger). Also as per the size and shape of the wearer how hard or easy it might be to conceal a grip with magazine (non-flush type) as below your specific outerwear of the moment.

    Depending on the person, the clothing you might wear and the specific place or activity you might be involved with while carrying is what affects carry capability as related to gun sizing.
    Barrel length is meaningless to this end AND having a longer barrel thus with longer sight radius is to the shooters benefit.

    Exclusion to the above would though be those who have need to pocket carry and have no other discrete means to carry concealed, such as professionals who must wear tucked shirts when on the job.

    - Janq has been wearing a gun as concealed, exclusively, for nearly two decades now
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    My S&W 914 is about 6 1/2-7" long (along the top of the slide) if that helps. No trouble with the length (IWB Tuckable): with my baggyish pants and the fact that folks look away from me instead of checking me over, I could probably conceal a folding-stock rifle.
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    When you carry IWB the length does not matter, what matter is the height and the width. Choose an IWB holster that has at least FBI cant, and it will be easier to conceal the weapon.
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    I carry a full size "Gen 1" Glock 17 with an IWB Kholster without issue. Like others have said your "size problems" will more likely be with thickness or concealing grip length.
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    I carry a full size 1911 IWB, overall lenght 8.7 inches.
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    To answer your question my 9mm (alternate carry gun) is the exact same size as my primary. Overall length 7.2", barrel length 3.9", overall height 5.3". As others have said, the grip length is where concealment problems come in. As a general rule, the more forward cant to your carry holster, the easier it is to conceal the grip.
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    IWB is more about width than length

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    Here's my experience on the matter...

    I IWB carry a full-size and 4" barrel 1911, also, an XD9 and XD9SC. I find that longer-is better. The shorter pistols are less stable--that is they tend to lean away from my body more than the longer barrel ones. While the difference in concealment is minor, the difference in comfort is big.

    Something to consider.
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    Glock 19 6.85 in. but once again the length does not matter. It's the size of the grip that matters more then anything for IWB carry.
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    I have on occasion carried a PT92 IWB. Length is not a issue.

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    Everyone has already told you about the grip length, so I'll go to say that I carry everyday my XD9. It's the service size so it's pretty comprable to the XDm 3.8. Get a good quality holster and maybe a few adjustments to the dress and it'll disappear.

    I would recommend the XDm over the Sigma too. Sigmas aren't bad and I'm not trying to bash at all, but I think the XD/XDm's are better pistols.

    Good luck with whatever you choose!
    Protection is a responsibility not just a right.

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    Well I was considering the XDm "3.8" version 9mm... but based on the responses to this thread, I think I will stick with the longer standard barrel guns. I DO LIKE the longer version better, if it wouldnt "bother me" to IWB carry. It seems the majority here says the Thickness and GRIP is the trick, not the gun length. So why are all the Compact/Subcompact (9mm versions) so popular if most of you are carrying "Standard length" guns?

    I haven't IWB concealed carry for any length of time so before I bought a NEW GUN I wanted your guys' opinion. So I appreciate the feedback!

    Looks like the standard length pistol it is! Unless someone STRONGLY DISAGREES....anyone?
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    The only time the length would come into play would be OWB, and concealing the muzzle. Regarding concealability and length, while carrying IWB, it's a non-issue,as stated before. I carry both, an XD9sc and a full size 1911, IWB. I believe that holster presentation is a little easier and faster from the shorter barrel of the XDsc, but that's subjective, because I'm short with short arms. A person of average stature may not find the same results. Also be aware that IWB puts the gun tight against your body and makes it a little more time consuming to get the right grip for presentation.
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    My PM9 IWB holster is on order, but I toyed with my 1911 in 4:00 IWB and the barrel poked me when I sat down. Does that not happen to you (who carry longer guns IWB) or are you just used to it?

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    As the question was asked: OAL of my pistol is 5.9"

    In case anyone is wondering, it is a Kahr CW9.

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