Holster and Gun choice

Holster and Gun choice

This is a discussion on Holster and Gun choice within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have been working on getting my concealed carry license for a while but something happened to a friend that made me decide to stop ...

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Thread: Holster and Gun choice

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    Holster and Gun choice

    I have been working on getting my concealed carry license for a while but something happened to a friend that made me decide to stop dragging my feet. Some people in a car ask him for a lighter so he leaned into(stupid move I know) the passenger window and gave the driver the lighter, they grabbed him and got up to 30 mph before he got free. He hit the pavement at 30 MPH! He shattered three teeth along with his nose and dislocated his shoulder. Keep in mind he did not know these people and it was completely unprovoked. Luckily a passenger in the back seat turned the driver and passenger in to the police. That happening in Kansas blew my mind. Sorry for the long story that just infuriated me, but the biggest question I have is I have a Beretta PX4 Storm 40 and a Walther P22 and I need a good CCW holster. I want to carry the Beretta but is its so much bigger I don't think it will fit on my ankle and I don't know what is my best option. I haven't carried either since I don't have my license but could anyone suggest holsters for either gun? I haven't bought a holster before and there are so many different ones I'm lost. I think I like holsters for your back but I don't know what you all would suggest. Thanks a lot for helping out a Newbee.

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    Welcome to the forum and hopefully your friend is doing well. He's lucky the perps were caught. Regarding holster selection that is a hugh toss up. Lots of selections from factory made styles to custom made fit for a particular gun. A SOB (small of the back) style is not that common of wear for EDC (everyday carry). I suppose some like it, I haven't a clue how it feels sitting down, especially driving a car. I'd suggest you focus on your primary carry sidearm. Holsters can be confusing to a new shooter. I'm sure you'll get opinions on what's best, but they can be finicky. Not all shoes fit and feel the same; the same can be told about holsters on one's waist.
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    First, get your license, and get some training to go with it. There are probably courses available in your area that will address methods of concealed carry.

    Many people (and I include myself) like the idea of small of the back (SOB) carry. Until we try it. It feels great when walking around. Sitting down is typically uncomfortable.

    You also mentioned ankle carry. The ankle isn't easy to reach most of the time, so it's less than ideal for most people.

    Most folks carry on the waist, at or near their strong hand, either inside the waistband or outside. There are people who prefer other methods, of course.

    If you do carry on the waist, get a GOOD belt! And wherever you decide to carry, get a GOOD holster.

    Of the two guns you mentioned, I strongly recommend going with the .40. A .22 is better than nothing, but a .40 is much better. If the PX4 doesn't suit you to carry, find something that does suit you and is at least a .380 (or maybe a .32).

    And tell your friend to get some situational awareness training.
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    Ankle carry? Okay for a backup, I guess, but not too good otherwise. When you need to grab you weapon in a hurry, the ankle is awkward to reach.

    Small of back looks good in the movies. Some carry there, but it's not the most common place.

    Most carry on the belt, either inside the waistband or outside.

    Some will pocket carry (a good option) if the firearm is small enough.

    What holster and how you carry is going to depend on what firearm you carry. And that (what gun) is going to depend on what you're comfortable with.

    My suggestion is somewhere in the .380-.40 range for caliber. Small pistols, some have high capacity, usually very concealable.
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    Unfortunately holster selection is almost a trial and error process. What works for me won't always work for you. What some describe as a bad carry position might be just the just the ticket for you.

    Ask long time carrier's how big their holster box is?

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    from Central Florida!

    Start shopping here... HOLSTERS

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    In that exact situation that your friend was in...a gun in an ankle holster would not have done him much good.

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    Welcome from Central Texas!!!!

    Situational Awareness is key to all of this.

    Once a person starts carrying they should really become more SA.

    Good gun and good carry equipment is important, but with out SA they are of very little value.

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    Welcome from South Carolina...As others have said, get your concealed carry license FIRST...train with your P22...settle on a weapon for concealed carry, THEN work on what holster and how you desire to carry. JMO
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    Welcome to the forum. Like the other members have said, the holster issue will depend on so many variables, that my best suggestion to you is to read as much as you can in this forum to gain knowledge and then try what you think will work for you. Ankle carry takes a lot of practice to effectively draw and will never beat more common carry methods (waist/belt carry).
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    Welcome from South Florida. Sorry about your friend. I do not think that ankle carry for your primary weapon is a good idea. Why do not you check IWB and OWB holsters?
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    Quote Originally Posted by QKShooter View Post
    In that exact situation that your friend was in...a gun in an ankle holster would not have done him much good.
    +1 on this. While I find ankle carry very comfortable it is really not the best access to the weapon. The only times it might be easy to access is seated, although personally I find that in a car the steering wheel gets in the way unless you are REALLY flexable. Another time would be is someone were to knock you to the ground in a fight. If they are not immediatly on top of you, you MIGHT be able to draw from your back or side. I suppose another time might be in a robbery situation where everyone is ordered to the ground. If you only had to kneel it would be possible to draw from behind cover of a chair or table.
    I usually carry IWB (inside waist band, since the OP is new here). I'm sure most here would agree strong side belt either in or out of waist band is most common.

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    Welcome to the forum. Where in Kansas did that happen? As far as your question you may want to consider IWB holster like the Crossbreed Supertuck. I'm sure that some people conceal larger guns than a PX4. Good luck.

    also check out KSCCW.com is growing...

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    I also have a PX4 that I carry in either a MTAC or an OWB leather. For me to carry a FS gun I really need a good cover garmet.

    BTW, welcome

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