I got a chuckle out of some of these posts. I'm new to CCW and just started carrying all the time over the past couple of weeks. Man, can I relate to some of the comments :)

My first carry was in winter (so under a leather jacket) to a grocery store close to my house. Even though there was zero chance of printing, I felt like everyone "knew" I was carrying. And in the checkout line the vice-principal of my son's school was in line behind me.

The more you carry, the less of a big deal it becomes. Like one poster said, revel in the fact you are taking responsibility for you and your family's protection. Good words....

One thing I started doing before I started CCW outside the home was to CCW and OC niside the home. This allowed me to become used to the weapon's weight and also for my wife and kids to become used to seeing me (or not seeing my if CCW) carry my weapon. There was *much* less resistance from the wife than I would have expected. In fact with a little urging from me she has submitted the paperwork for her own CCW permit (she had attended the course with me last summer, just hadn't really cared to get a permit).

I wanted to eliminate the ooh-ahh facter from wife/kids (ooh,, Daddy's got a gun) before starting to carry outside the home. Now it's not such a big deal, though I did get some raised eyebrows when I mentioned carrying at church on Sunday.