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This is a discussion on help me ....decide within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; 442/642 or 637. You can't go wrong with either and you'll probably never want to get rid of it. You can always add to the ...

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Thread: help me ....decide

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    442/642 or 637.

    You can't go wrong with either and you'll probably never want to get rid of it. You can always add to the collection.

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    I'd go with the S&W. Just my .02

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Calley View Post
    I carry the S&W 442 every day for CCW. A really light, fantastically made revolver. But I regret not buying the gun that my wife owns, which is the all stainless -- and much heavier -- Model 640.

    The reason? The recoil, at least for me, is quite brutal due to the 442's light weight. So, whenever I go to the range, I always take my wife's 640 snubby to shoot, 'cause if I did not, I would literally be fearful of nerve damage to my hand.

    And as an added incentive to buy S&W, my wife just took her stainless 640 snubby to FedEx to ship to S&W. She bought it in 1996 or so. S&W not only is paying for the repair (as most gun companies are doing now-a-days, for life), but they are also paying for the shipping! (FYI: For those who have never shipped a pistol before, the prices are actually quite obscene: The last pistol I mailed out cost me $70 in shipping costs, since FedEx and UPS demand Priority Overnight).


    PS: Sent 640 to S&W because I noticed a strange galling/cracking on the inside of one of the cylinder's chambers. Don't know if it's only skin deep or if its dangerous, and I am not going to risk it! (BTW, Smith has the smoothest chambers I have ever seen in a revolver -- almost polished to mirror smoothness!)


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    Quote Originally Posted by TheOhioan View Post
    Well in terms of printing the G23 has a longer handle and is doublestack vs single stack. In terms of firepower the G23 has 13 rounds of .40 versus 6 rounds of .45.
    do you know any drawbacks to a single stack?

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    I've been carrying my S&W 638 everyday since I've had my CPL. I love it.

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