help me ....decide

help me ....decide

This is a discussion on help me ....decide within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am trying to decide on a CCW. I havent got my CCWL yet, but will soon. I have it narrowed down to 2 SW ...

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Thread: help me ....decide

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    help me ....decide

    I am trying to decide on a CCW.
    I havent got my CCWL yet, but will soon.
    I have it narrowed down to 2
    SW 442/642

    Taurus 709 slim

    I like them both for different reasons.
    Carrying comfortably is important but also I like the idea of more than 5 shots.

    Let me know your thoughts

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    I held a 709 for the first time while I was at my local gun store today and couldn't wait to put it down. Didn't feel like a well enough built pistol for me to trust my life with. Did I mention I was there to order a S&W M&P 340. My vote out of those two choices would be the revolver.
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    There's no such thing as too many guns. I have a 24/7 and it has been flawless. It is a well, constructed gun and it's even outshot Glocks. Get the slim for IWB, and the S&W for a BUG.
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    The Taurus looks real appealing to me, just don't know if I can trust it. I've no expierence with the 442/642, but S&W makes great revolvers and revolvers are generally pretty damn reliable. I'm in the market for a pocket 9mm also, holding my breath for the single stack GLOCK sub-compact although Diamond Back may beat them to it.

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    Thumbs up

    I can't comment on the Taurus. Haven't seen or held one of that model.

    The 442\642 is a proven design and has a solid history of service behind it. I used to have a 642 and stupidly sold it to my uncle for a song. Considering getting the 442 to get a snubbie back in the stable.

    I agree, get both. Get whichever one works for you at this point in time. Save up and get the other at a later date!

    Seriously, always good to have a tried and true snubbie, pocket gun like the 442/642 around when you're on the go and don't feel like putting on your rig. You just drop it in your pocket with a pocket holster and you're out the door.
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    I would go for anything but a Taurus. My experiences with Taurus have been horrible!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sirgarreth View Post
    I would go for anything but a Taurus. My experiences with Taurus have been horrible!
    I'll take the high road..
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    I think that S&W and Taurus play in totally different divisions. I should not even consider getting a Taurus instead of an S&W; and that regardless of the type of firearm. My vote goes to S&W.
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    I would take a close look at the revolver. Fewer parts and super relilable. Grab onto a Ruger LCR and see what you think of that b4 you make your final decision.
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    Definately the S&W. Their record speaks for itself. I owned a Taurus once. I never had any problems with it but Honestly I didnt trust my life to it thats why I sold it.

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    I carry the S&W 442 every day for CCW. A really light, fantastically made revolver. But I regret not buying the gun that my wife owns, which is the all stainless -- and much heavier -- Model 640.

    The reason? The recoil, at least for me, is quite brutal due to the 442's light weight. So, whenever I go to the range, I always take my wife's 640 snubby to shoot, 'cause if I did not, I would literally be fearful of nerve damage to my hand.


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    Glock 23 or Glock 36

    Which is the better carry weapon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Power Wagon View Post
    Which is the better carry weapon?
    Well in terms of printing the G23 has a longer handle and is doublestack vs single stack. In terms of firepower the G23 has 13 rounds of .40 versus 6 rounds of .45.

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    Yes, each has their selling points, but I think the S&W will be more reliable in the end. That is what I want from my CCW.

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