How do you notify?

How do you notify?

This is a discussion on How do you notify? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; After my traffic stop the other day, it got me thinking about this. What do you say when you "notify" an officer during a traffic ...

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Thread: How do you notify?

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    How do you notify?

    After my traffic stop the other day, it got me thinking about this. What do you say when you "notify" an officer during a traffic stop?
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    It depends on the state. Some states require that you inform the LEO right away. Others only if the officer asks.

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    I have it next to my drivers license in my wallet.

    If asked I hand over my driver's ID and show the pistol permit stating that I also have a permit to carry a handgun and am carrying one at the present time.

    In the few time that I have been stopped I have never had any trouble.

    In NY I do not have to inform, but I do anyway.



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    "Officer I have an Ohio conceal carry permit, I am carrying a 340PD revolver on my right hip. Is there anything you want me to do?"
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    No biggie. Here in SC, I say...

    "Before we begin, I'm required to notifiy you that I carry a concealed weapon permit and have a .380 LCP in my left front pocket and a Glock G30 inside my waistband at 4 oclock."

    From there the conversation will often include a polite discussion about firearm preferences and experiences. Our local LEO's rock.
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    I've only interacted with an LEO once while carrying. I wasn't in my car, it was after a minor accident and he happened by and stopped. I just said "Officer can I have you for just one second?" He looked at me funny but stepped aside with me and I just pulled out my ID and License to carry and handed them to him.

    He said (quietly so the other party couldn't hear) "I'm assuming you're armed right now?"

    "Yes sir."

    "OK, thanks." Handed my ID and license back and proceeded to take notes on the accident.

    Afterward I asked him a question about my temp tag as I'd just gotten the vehicle a couple weeks before (I know, it sucked getting in that accident, but it was very minor). He answered and then asked me what I carry. We talked about it for a bit and then he told me to have a nice day and we both went on our merry ways.

    TL;DR: I just handed him both and let him take it from there.
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    Whatever you do, don't say "GUN." Just inform them that you have a license to carry and are doing so.
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    The best way, of course, is to not interact with a LEO at all while you are armed. I do this by driving carefully and by obeying all the speed limits (which I do religiously ever since I started carrying; another big PLUS to CCW'ing!).

    In my state (MS) I do not have to inform at all, but since LEOs have your CCW on their cruiser's computer along with your DL (both have the exact same ID number), I plan on simply handing the officer my DL along with my CCW, and then let him ask if I am currently "armed". I can then say, "Yes officer, it is holstered and in my waistband over my right kidney". In doing this, I make no mention of a "gun", "weapon", "pistol", "firearm", etc.

    To me, that is the safest technique, and far less prone to make the officer nervous. (I just don't want to get TREOized by the police. I would really hate that ).


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    I just say, "Officer, I like to let you know that I'm a legally armed Floridian." Never had a problem in either FL or KY with that line.
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    When asked for ID just hand him/her your DL and CWP at the same time. They'll catch the hint and if interested they'll ask more questions.
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    MI is a must disclose state. I hand the DL and CPL(on top) to the officer and say "Officer I have a MI CPL, and I am carrying, my <insert name of firearm> on my right hip, how would you like to proceed?
    This leaves the ball in the officer's hands, and he makes the call from there. I've been stopped twice, once while I was driving, and once while with another CPL holder. Neither time have I been disarmed. I am polite and show a LEO the respect I feel they deserve and they seem to respond in kind.
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    Is this really that complicated that it requires the question? Just give him your permit (if you are CC) and leave it at that--some states require it, some do not but some states may tie drivers license to carry permit, in which case he may or may not ask you. If he wants more info he will ask. The less you say and/or do, the better. Once you start "motor mouthing" he will be a little suspicious. Just know your law and act respectively. Remember he stopped you because of a traffic violation---just behave the way you would if that was all that mattered, unless there is the state requirement to inform you are CC.

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    It's really not a big deal, Texas peace officers see CHL's all the time. I just hand over my DL and CHL at the same time. I wouldn't make any special mention of it, unless asked.

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    When I was in Michigan:
    alone / with someone who knew i carried: "I am required my law to inform you that I have my CPL and am carrying on my right hip"
    with someone i didnt want to know: *hand drivers license and CPL* "Im required to inform you about this, but would like to keep it between you and me if that isn't a problem. We can talk outside of the vehicle if you would like"

    I had the use the 2nd once. I was actually in the back seat but the leo had asked for everones license. He said "are you now" I said yes. He went and ran all of our licenses and such and then gave them back and asked me to come talk to him. He actually just wanted to chit chat and make sure everything was good (as I was in the car with 4 other guys, dark country road, etc). I got a pat on the back and managed to talk the leo out of giving the driver a speeding ticked.
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    What do you say when you "notify" an officer during a traffic stop?

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