Tell the many of yall have got lazy....

Tell the many of yall have got lazy....

This is a discussion on Tell the many of yall have got lazy.... within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; and went a day or so without carrying???? I have , but got back in the habit before it became a bad habit. How Bad ...

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Thread: Tell the many of yall have got lazy....

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    Question Tell the many of yall have got lazy....

    and went a day or so without carrying???? I have, but got back in the habit before it became a bad habit. How Bad would it feel if you carried 364 days then on the one day get victimized
    You may not like guns. You may choose not to own one. That is your right.
    You might not believe in God. That is your choice.
    However, if someone breaks into your home at 3AM the first two things you are going to do are:
    1) Call someone with a gun.
    2)Pray they get there in time." - A wise man

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    I often have to leave my gun at home when I am not sure if I will go someplace prohibited...such as DC or MD. It is pretty unfortunate, but that's life.

    If there weren't any legal restrictions it would be 100%.

    This is the real world, though, and there are times when you can and times when you can't. That's just how it is. It's not the end of the world.
    "Trust in God with hand on sword" -Inscription on my family's coat of arms from medieval England
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    We end up leaving our guns inside our vehicles, around Dayton, Ohio, because of those gun-circle-slash-ban signs on every other door; probably more so since the local globe is getting warmer, and most folks not wearing heavier coats.

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    I have annoyed enough stupid people over the years that I never leave home without it. Ever.
    Universal Background Checks...the next step towards registration and confiscation.

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    If I go that long it is because of state or federal law that prevents it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nn View Post
    If I go that long it is because of state or federal law that prevents it.
    Me too...
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    I am rarely that lazy. I own a largely cash business and my rig goes on as naturally as my socks.
    "Life's tough......It's even tougher if you're stupid." -John Wayne

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    Coming up on two years for me, and other then when not able to legally carry, I do so every day.
    Better to die on your feet, than to live on your knees.

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    I carry every day. How would it look on DC if I was not carrying on the one day that I really needed to be armed?
    I would deserve a good one of these~~~~> AND one of these~~~~> after all of my constant preaching.

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    When I leave the house, my gun is with me.
    Sig Sauer: P938 9mm Smith and Wesson: Sigma SW9VE 9mm

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    I can't carry at my new job... but I carry everywhere else that's legal!
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

    "A superior Operator is best defined as someone who uses his superior
    judgement to keep himself out of situations that would require a display of his
    superior skills."

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    My one year anniversary will be the 20th. Times I've gone all day without carrying since last March 20th- Zero.
    Times I've had to disarm for 10 -15 minutes, only 8, and yes I have been counting.
    I've become so used to the new part of my anatomy, I just don't feel right without it.
    Disclaimer: The posts made by this member are only the members opinion, not a reflection on anyone else, nor the group, and should not be cause for anyone to get their undergarments wedged in an uncomfortable position.

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    Strangely, the only times in my life that I have actually needed a firearm were the exact same times that I wasn't carrying.

    So now, over the years, I have very much learned my lesson: I am almost neurotic about always carrying, for fear that if I don't carry, then something bad will happen to me and mine from a criminal standpoint ().

    I'm sure others must have this same feeling...


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    How Bad would it feel if you carried 364 days then on the one day get victimized
    Not here. If I'm dressed, I have my holster on. If I'm off my property, I'm armed. If I'm on my property and outside, I'm usually armed or have one close by.

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    If I step outside my door I'm armed. I only go without my gun when absolutely necessary, and I feel naked without it.
    WARNING: This post may contain material offensive to those who lack wit, humor, common sense and/or supporting factual or anecdotal evidence. All statements and assertions contained herein may be subject to literary devices not limited to: irony, metaphor, allusion and dripping sarcasm.

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