Review on Console Vault

Review on Console Vault

This is a discussion on Review on Console Vault within the Console Vault forums, part of the Site Sponsors category; Here is a review that I had written on another forum on my Console Vault. Thought I would share. Let me start by saying that ...

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Thread: Review on Console Vault

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    Review on Console Vault

    Here is a review that I had written on another forum on my Console Vault. Thought I would share.

    Let me start by saying that I am not a mechanically inclined kinda guy. At Christmas time, my wife is usually is the one who puts the kids toys together because it takes me for ever and then she usually has to come help me finish putting it together anyways. I received my Console Vault about a month ago and have been waiting for my new truck to come in so that I can install it. I received my 2010 Toyota Tundra this week and have had it in the shop getting it dressed up a bit with a 3" Toytec lift kit, 33' BFG AT KO's and a spray in liner. Today I installed the Console Vault and it took me about 40 minutes to do so. And, I did it all by myself!! Most of the time spent was searching for the right socket in my tool box to fit the bolts that needed to be removed. Here is how easy it is.

    Here is what the console looks like in a 2007 and newer Toyota Tundra with bucket seats. It has a deep compartment for lots of storage.

    There are four bolts that hold down the console of the Tundra and the vault requires you to remove only two of them.

    In the center console of the Tundra is a power point that needs to be unplugged and removed for the installation process. Once you pop it out you need to unplug it from the wires that power it.

    Before you place the Console Vault into the console, you need to set the optional combination lock. On the underside outer edge of the lock, there is a hole for the code reset button. Rotate the face of the cam until the code reset button comes into view. Push this pin in with a paper clip and keep it pushed while you set your own personal three digit combination. Release the reset button and the new combination is set and read for use.

    Now you are ready to secure the Console Vault in place. You do this by removing the front bolt closet to the drivers side and the back bolt on the passenger side. Set the vault into place and using the new bolts provided, secure down the vault.

    Now you are finished installing your Console Vault and ready for use. The fit and finish of this vault is perfect. It is secure and looks like it was from the factory the finish is so nice. I live in New Mexico where it is against the law to carry a firearm into any establishment that serves alcohol to be consumed on premises. So restaurants like Chili's and Applebees are a thief's dream. I feel much better knowing that if my vehicle gets broken into, my firearm is safe and sound in my Console Vault. If you have children and like to keep a firearm in your vehicle, the Console Vault is a safe way to do so for your children's safety.

    [LEFT] So far the only two things I can see that could be improved with the Console Vault, both which are very minor, are glow in the dark or illuminated numbers on the combination lock and the liner that comes with the Console Vault needs to be secured down so it doesn't move so easily. It would be nice if Velcro was provided to do so. Again, both of these things are very minor and do not stop this product from being the best and safest vault I have tested.

    I would like to thank Console Vault for providing with one of their vaults for this review. I personally would recommend Console Vault to everyone who owns a firearm and keeps it in their vehicle. One of these vaults are a lot less than the cost of replacing a firearm that has been stolen! Please take a minute and look over their website. They offer console vaults and other fine products such as Gun Safes, Laptop Safes, and Auto Vaults. They even make these vaults for motorcycles.
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    I love my console vault. I have a Chevy Suburban and started out with a Center of Mass safe. I can tell you that installation of the Console Vault is extremely easy and simple. I love mine and use it for not only storing my firearm when necessary, but other thing like keys, cards, and even my wallet when the need arises.
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    5 stars: easy install, solid, and worth the money

    Your review is a lot more thorough than mine but I thought I contribute anyways. My console vault is fora 2004 Chevy Avalanche. Other than the price, my biggest concern about buying this product was the install. I was leery because Iím the opposite of handy but as it turns out, installing the console vault truly is simple. All you do is remove the screws from the bottom of your trucks console, drop in the safe, and then put the screws back in. They include screws with the safe but I didnít use them because my truckís factory screws worked easier. The safe fits great and you only lose a little bit of storage space. However, if you have trouble fitting your gun in your console now be warned that itíll be even harder to fit your gun in the safe. I have a S&W 642 in a Desantis Nemesis holster in the safe and that takes up most of the space. Setting the combo is easy and I like that you can change it. Itís also fast and easy to open. Construction is solid. No one is getting into that safe unless they have a good amount of time and some serious tools. Itís a little pricey but I love the peace of mind it gives me. I have no regrets and give it an enthusiastic thumbs up.

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    looks nice

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    It was a nice addition to my Suburban also. Pricy...yes, piece of mind...yes. Originally I thought the key vault would be more secure, but after a few uses I decided to order the combination lock and swap out the key lock so I'm not fiddling with another key. Wife's backpack purse will fit with my M&P9c locked up, piece of mind.

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    The fitment looks really nice. It has hard to tell from the pictures how deep or "large" the storage compartment is from the pictures? Does it feel very secure.

    I checked their website, they currently don't make anything for the wife's corolla or my cherokee, dangit.

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    Nice review.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghettokracker71 View Post
    I checked their website, they currently don't make anything for the wife's corolla or my cherokee, dangit.
    Give them a call maybe you can send them you center console. They may need a template.
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