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Who is buying up all the hand gun ammo?

This is a discussion on Who is buying up all the hand gun ammo? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Ram Rod I've been seeing more of it on the shelves here lately....the Wal Marts, and the local hardware store. Bought a ...

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Thread: Who is buying up all the hand gun ammo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ram Rod View Post
    I've been seeing more of it on the shelves here lately....the Wal Marts, and the local hardware store. Bought a box of 45 GAP last week. I don't even have a 45 GAP pistol (yet). Plenty 22lr, 9mm (in several brands), 40S&W, and 45acp. I've been buying what I see pretty much. Munchos chips are $2 a bag, Always save cookies aint bad with instant milk, 8oz of sandwich meat is 56¢, and a package of eight hamburger buns is $1.97, and a case of 120z water is $3.98. Life is good! Buy ammo.......keep buying ammo. I've seen the Remington 22lr Thunderbolt everywhere I've gone lately and buying the 350 or 500 round packs. I like the round nose lead 40gr more than anything and couldn't find anything but 36gr plated for a long time.
    I sympathize with you and your plight, but we'd been through a long dry spell around here for almost a year on just about everything ourselves. I'm sure the local Wally Worlds are glad I'm not calling them every day now to find out if they have ammo. They have something in stock that I want now every time I go.

    RR, i think your on to something. if you look @ things chips and soda are up more than ammo over the same 2 year period.

    seems we where so worried about the guy smoking in the bank lobby they cleaned out the safe on us.

    but dont worrie inflation is well contained!

    my advice, keep stocking up when you find it, looks like you may need it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpencerB View Post
    I bought some 9mm at wally world last week. A box of 50 was 17 bucks, then I stopped by the Scottsdale gun club and they had a box of 50 for 13.50, so i bought more...
    Not to make you feel bad, but the wally world here in Va. has 9mm. Champion for $9 something per 50. Not a whole lot of it, but even less of the .45/.38/.40 and those were SD and twice as much

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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    Probably the Brady Bunch,If they buy all the ammo then nobody can shoot anybody
    NRA Certified Rifle/Pistol Instructor

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    Who is buying all the handgun ammo?

    It took me more than a month to collect 1000 rounds of 9MM WWB to take a Gunfighting course last month. In that time I did not see any .357mag, no 45ACP and very few 40S&W at the WW I was staking out. The WWB was $19.95 per box of 100. The federal was $10.50 for box of 50. Naturally I took 6 of the WWB when I could get it. The course said bring 500 rounds, we shot 700 and I had one FTF out of the batch. I chamber checked all 1000 and was glad I took extra. Just got a shipment of 1500 147GR JHP bullets in 9MM today. There is ammo out there in loaded or component pieces, you need to let the Google Search engine find it.
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    Maybe it's my retail background, but I tend to keep some of everything on the shelf....I don't let myself run out, ever. Ammoman.com has been very good with everything except the 38 supers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TedBeau View Post
    There are also alternatives to Walmart. Michigan has a chain of stores called Meijers. They are basically just like a Walmart, but people here don't think of them carrying ammo.
    I always check Meijer when I'm checking Wal-mart for ammo, they're only about .5 mile from each other...usually the Meijer price is a few $$ higher, but availability does seem to be better.
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    I had a lousy time getting ammo for the range, forget about quality SD ammo. I would go to Walmart 20 times to buy maybe 2 boxes of WWB in .45 that would last me about 15 min at the range.
    I decided to reload and now I shoot about 200 rounds a week and all I have to do is crank the press in my gargage every time I need ammo. I also keep about 2k worth of components.
    I am a different guy now, I'm relaxed, I just smile as I go by the empty ammo shelves at WM. Life is good!
    And if the Mexicans decide to invade the country or Zombies come out, I could probably load enough ammo to repel several waves.... So I only keep a couple of boxes of SD ammo for carry. Did I tell you that I am happy now?

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    I think the problem with walmart is that their ammo was too cheap. In a market sense that is. Other places usually had some ammo on the shelf but it was so much higher than Wm that it stayed there and people waited to get the cheap stuff at wm. everybody did that and kept the shelves stripped bare when it came in.

    I noticed that since the Wm prices have increased (unfortunately) the ammo is on the shelf a lot more than it used to be. Likely becuase the profit margin for the people who were buying it all and then reselling it has become much smaller these days. Basically, for a while there wal mart was wholesaling ammo to the gun stores, ranges and gun shows. I dont like the price increases, in fact I dont buy from the stores anymore, but I have to say that the increase in prices seems to be helping the market reach a tenuous equilibrium.
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    there is plenty of ammo around ya just gottas know where to look!


    click pistol ammo -hollow points they have hard to find ranger +p 124 gr talons in stock

    i just ordered a box of corbon 125gr +p JHP from there
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    I was me. I bought it all. I apologize.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SpencerB View Post
    I bought some 9mm at wally world last week. A box of 50 was 17 bucks, then I stopped by the Scottsdale gun club and they had a box of 50 for 13.50, so i bought more...
    The guy that works the sporting goods counter asked me if there was anything special about the new $17/box 9mm from Switzerland.
    There wasn't, other than being overpriced.
    Standard load, FMJ? I told him I'd wait for the WWB to come back.
    I hope you were refering instead to 147gr JHP Winchesters. I caught 3 boxes one time.
    I believe they were $17/box also.

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    I went to the local indoor range this Monday afternoon to zero my new optics (since usually its pretty empty before 5pm on weekdays) and boy was I surprised.

    The place was packed with a whole bunch of people in their 20s (lots of ladies). Judging by their questions and gun handling they were completely new to guns. They were buying guns, renting guns and learning to shoot them.

    I mean this is Austin, the socialist mecca of Texas and these folks looked like the usual green sheep (liberal T shirts and all), except they were buying/shooting guns.

    So at least some of the handgun ammo shortage has to be from all the new folks buying it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gwoolery View Post
    You can not purchase any handgun ammo or reloading components in my area. That is the same everywhere. Where is it all going?:
    For range ammo the Wal Marts on I-10 near goodyear are good spots for federal and WWB in 9 and 40. Its spotty but I get lucky about twice a month on the ammo out of about 4 tries. The Central Phoenix locations have been pathetic for over 18months. The yuma wal-marts are finally seeing some good supplies of 9, 40, 45 and 380plus tons of 22LR and 223. My secret wal mart store location is always well stocked(even has self defense pistol ammo.) and no I won't tell which one. I will not pay double at my local gun dealer. 15% more sure, but $30 a box for 22LR is not going to happen when wal-mart does it for 15.47/550. As far as where its going, I understand there have been a series of tragic boating accidents over the past year resulting in the loss of thousands of firearms and ammo stashes. I was also the victim of such a tragedy.

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    Probably a lot of people like me as well...I wander by the sporting goods department whenever I'm in there, and if they have something in stock in 9/.38/.45/.357, I buy 2 boxes. I figure the price is never going to go down, and two boxes at a time isn't going to deprive anyone else...but enough people 'just grabbing a couple boxes' can really make an impact at a place like WalMart.

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