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Possible dumb question

This is a discussion on Possible dumb question within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Carry it. To the best of my knowledge Speer short barrel ammo only uses a different bullet it in one caliber and only with one ...

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Thread: Possible dumb question

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    Carry it. To the best of my knowledge Speer short barrel ammo only uses a different bullet it in one caliber and only with one specific bullet weight. And that round still performs fine with a longer barrel.
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    Well I think the claim here is that the powder is selected to give as much acceleration to the bullet in the short barrel.
    How much difference they can really achieve would have to be proven over a chromograph.
    I would think that it should be safe to shoot in a longer barrel because the powder will have burned itself up as the bullet is leaving the barrel or before the it leaves the barrel, in theory. I guess if you think about it, if it does truly expend all it's charge in 2 inches, the round might actually exit slower out of a longer barrel due to the friction of the additional barrel length.

    There probably isn't going to be more than 50 fps difference no mater what gun you shoot it out of.

    Either way I am sure they would not load it to the point where it would exceed the rated pressure for the designated caliber.

    I also agree with the previous poster that said some of the "hype" about SD ammo is aimed at sales, not field results.

    The analogy of the fishing lures is true, but I also feel that a lure that you think is better is likely to catch more fish because you are going to use it more, for longer periods before switching lures, than one that you have no confidence in.

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    no! your gun will explode in your face, turning you into the phantom of the opera!

    lol kidding, yep it's totally fine, my friend :)

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