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This is a discussion on .357 sig? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by OldVet .357 Sig ammo is available; All my local WalMarts have .357 SIG, but .45 ACP is hit and miss. So I'd ...

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Thread: .357 sig?

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post

    .357 Sig ammo is available;
    All my local WalMarts have .357 SIG, but .45 ACP is hit and miss.

    So I'd say availability isn't really a huge issue right now.

    I'm considering getting a .40 that can take a barrel swap to .357. I'm thinking flexibility with calibers is a good thing right now.

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    After some very extensive experience with this round recently, my only comment is that if you select it, double your hearing protection and plan to sustain major hearing loss if you ever use it in a defensive situation. I typically have used only high-performance ear plugs in the past, even when firing Snubbie magnums indoors, with little discomfort. With the .357 SIG, I find it painful to fire more than a few rounds with hard ears only. Even with double protection, I find that without high-performance electronic hard ears AND high-performance plugs, it is still uncomfortable.

    It is also quite snappy. Good technique (training) can overcome this, but firing strings is much easier and faster with a .40 S&W, even in lighter guns.

    I will leave the subjective comments to others, but most of the common points have been well covered. Good luck with your selection.

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    I carry an S&WM&P357Sig with the Crimson Trace Laser Grip as my Everyday Carry. I like the performance of the round and I can accurately place follow up shots with combat accuarcy i.e. upper center chest area at 7-10yds which is a little farther out than most deadly force encounters. I also have a 40S&W barrel which I use sometimes so I have no qualms about carrying either caliber.

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    I want a .357 but can't really afford the $27 per box of 50 rounds for a gun that will be my EDC.
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    The last time I was at the range, two older gents next to me were both shooting .357 Sigs. I only wear foam earplugs, and I've heard 9mms that are louder and sharper than their rounds. I fired a few rounds of it, at their invitation, and neither the recoil or the noise seemed unacceptable to me in comparison to my .45. It's a gun; it goes BANG! Cover the ears.

    Would I look forward to shooting the Sig without some sort of ear protection? No, nor would I for my .45 ACP either. But in the heat of the SD battle, you're probably not even going to notice it until afterwards.
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    The 357 sig is not near as loud as some have exaggerated here. OBTW I own 3 of them.
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