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What in the world is a "devastator" bullet??

This is a discussion on What in the world is a "devastator" bullet?? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Passin' Through Supposedly it is an exploding bullet. Hinckley used them on Regan. Google it. Yes I recall there were reports about ...

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Thread: What in the world is a "devastator" bullet??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Passin' Through View Post
    Supposedly it is an exploding bullet. Hinckley used them on Regan. Google it.
    Yes I recall there were reports about that at the time. I believe the round that struck Regan did not explode. I don't know if the ones that hit Brady and the secret service agent in the stomach did or not.

    I wonder if Hinckley ever tried to get a warrenty adjustment for the one(s) that didn't explode as advertised?

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    God forbid you should use something named "Devastator" in a self-defense shooting... even if it is obviously justifiable, the Grand Jury hearing the evidence to decide whether to prosecute you (or the civil attorney suing you for wrongful death) will make a lot of hay with that one.
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    I've never seen any. Where would you find them?
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    The bullet that hit Reagan ricocheted, so it dont seem like the round exploded or it would have never bounced off the bullet proof glass.
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    I thought a good SD dveastator round would be a 3.5 inch rocket...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuda66 View Post
    Probably something like the XRBR...

    Xtreme Rabid Badger Rounds signal a paradigm shift in home defense and anti-terrorism ammunition.......
    Ah, I think this would be against the Geneva Convention.

    It reminds me of this amazing new technology.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Passin' Through View Post
    I've never seen any. Where would you find them?
    They came into the shop in a mixed bag of ammo from some deceased elderly guy whose family was selling off all his stuff. The .38s and .45s were in a piece of foam rubber that had mostly falled apart and was stuck to the outside of the brass and all discolored.

    Some wierd stuff comes through the door that way. I found a 9mm KTW in the discard bucket on the range one evening. I wonder how many got fired into our backstop...

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    When I can I find them at Wal mart or the other stores I buy Winchester self defense by the 100 box.I have always used 147 grain bullets as they they they tend to go around 1100 feet per second which is good speed for self defense.
    I have tries grain,124 grain but always head back to heavy and a bit slower.
    I read some the bigger police department use Winchester self defense rounds and have well over 100 confirmed kills with it with no problems.This was one of the bigger California cities.

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    I'm going to invent a bullet that flowers out into a rotating fan of titanium razor blades spinning at 2200 RPM while spraying molten lava in a 6' radius.

    I'm going to call them "Pink Petunias" so the sheep won't fixate on them.
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    ooo....lava's always good. Make sure to spec it so that the lava reaches 1800°F before release. Flows much faster than at 1600°.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom357 View Post
    ooo....lava's always good. Make sure to spec it so that the lava reaches 1800°F before release. Flows much faster than at 1600°.
    who knew Thermodynamics was going to come into play

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jmac00 View Post
    So I'm watching Gray's Anatomy and the Doc's are operating on a cop that got shot, when one of the of the Surgeons pulls a bullet from the body, holds it up in the light for all to see and exclaims, "I hate devastator bullets"

    Is this a Hollywood term? or a military term? Is this a term for a Golden Saber or Black Talon?

    Personally, I think getting shot with any projectile would be devastating, but then again, I ain't never been shot
    I'm afraid that's G-14 classifed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoogyMan View Post
    LMAO! Thanks, that's a great way to start my day off...

    Too Funny!
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    nor the arrow for its swiftness,
    nor the warrior for his glory.
    I love only that which they defend.

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    Devastator Ammo for sale here . . . Devastator Ammo
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