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I've always been a 300 win mag fan. I spent a lot of time banging around Wyoming and the 300 was a good all round caliber. Prior to getting the 300, I was an 06 guy. Fine caliber. Spending more time, these days, east of the Big Muddy, I've decided the next one will be 308. I shoot and load 308 in an Encore (and that's a little brutal). Need a new long gun. But the caliber is available, effective, accurate and so on. I don't "think" availability would be an issue, any more or less than others.
.308 is a great round and was my favorite for many years, originally due to my affinity with the m-60 and seeing what the round was capable of when in the Corps. I still like it a lot, but have become somewhat enarmored with it's little sister, the 7mm-08.

During the current shortages, the least popular stuff has been available all along. ,308 has been on the shelves around here when nothing else was. Same with .44 mag handgun ammo.

I always thought that if I had the most common calibers, I would always be able to get ammo, now I think perhaps its the less common stuff, stuff that there is not so much demand for, that will be available if things go south.

Regardless, I am not likely to survive to see the end of my ammo supply, so I don't really worry about it.