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ccw9mm mentioned the Remington Golden Sabers. I found good reviews of them, but when I tested them they had the worst muzzle flash. Like shooting fireworks out of a gun.
I mentioned the Remington GS strictly due to the cycling reliability I have experienced and heard others relate. The only pistol I've ever owned where I regularly carried this cartridge was in a Browning BDM, through the 1990's. It was, by far, the most reliable ammo I found at the time. It wasn't the most powerful, but it cycled well, expanded reasonably well, and it could be found everywhere. That pistol had a 4.7" bbl, which likely was better tuned to the powder/power that Remington had at the time. I don't recall any ugly balls of flame, back then.

Of course, if you really want some fireworks, stuff a DoubleTap 9mm JHP 124gr +P into a Kahr PM9. That'll get attention from whomever is to your left or right, on a range. You could read Dickens by the amount of light the PM9/DT combination tosses out, and probably start a campfire too.